Time is Flying

I don’t like how time flies. One minute it was January and snowing and the next it was 80 degrees and then it was freezing overnight and now it’s May. May y’all! And my anniversary. Geesh, last week we thought we were so grown up and getting married and boom it’s 29 years later. Wow. […]

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A New and Expensive Week

We had a very busy week around here. I barely got any sewing done for the business because the world conspired against my plans 🙂 Despite that, Cowgirl had a really successful show. She even had the vending fee waved because the arena was short staffed and asked her to run the show pen gate. […]

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What? September?

Are you freaking kidding me? I haven’t posted since September?!? Gosh, I’m sorry. In my defense, the last year of homeschool started, Sept-Nov is birthday & anniversary time, and Christmas is that time of year when I try to pack a year’s worth of crafting and sewing into one month. There’s my defense, but it’s […]

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Sorry for the little time off, things have been hectic and bland around here (yes, crazy and boring at the same time). I really think the atmosphere in our country is getting to me. All of the negativity and division and chaos. It’s easy to let it all slip in if I’m not uber-vigilant at […]

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Some Time in The Sewing Room

At long last I was able to spend some serious time in the sewing room working on me stuff. And this past Sunday I literally spent the entire day in my happy place – creating. I was trying a basket pattern that I want to use for Christmas presents, and I am really happy with […]

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Pippen’s Scurs

He lost a scur! The one day we put the boys out in the pasture over the weekend and Pippen broke off a scur. My cute little faun is half hornless! Cowgirl assured me it will grow back, but in the meantime he’s a little lop-headed 😀 Fortunately, it did break off above the bloodline, […]

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Calf Watch

And it continues.  She is holding on to that little guy like nobody’s business.  Do you think she suspects we’re going to eat him someday?  Poor baby looks soooo miserable.  She has been putting her head in Cowgirl’s lap and filling her love tank. I’m never around with a camera to take a picture.  Cowgirl […]

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