When our Little Bird was 13 we got her a new kitten – Catnip. Fast forward to 2017 and Little Bird marries her French Fry who is allergic to everything (including his Boxer who lives with his mom). Three months later, they adopt a Siamese kitten – because Siamese are very low allergen as cats go. Um, what about the cat you still have at home? Well, French Fry is allergic to him. Not to mention, he’s always been a special needs cat and is angry at the world 95% of the time. He meowed in my arms for 45 minutes while she tried to decide which of the kittens to bring home in the first place! I finally said, “I like this one, it talks alot”. So, Catnip stayed with us and the dogs and Cowgirl and Farm Boy’s kitten that Catnip hates/resents.

Well, now, I can no longer disguise or hide the fact that Mr. Nip is peeing where he should not be. While I was in Hocking Hills with Farm Boy, Catnip peed on the new carpet right in front of Mr. Fix-It. Bad, bad news for our dear Mr. Nip. Fortunately, Mr. Fix-It didn’t not send him to his reward on the spot. But he was ANGRY.

This morning was a really rough and emotional time. I texted my Bestie who recently had to put her family cat down and then I LOST IT. Amazing amounts of grief that didn’t feel related to having to put down my 4th cat for the same issue – what is in my water??? The worst part was realizing how close that black monster (depression) was to the surface. Oh, God, I won’t go back there! So, I really let myself grieve and cry and pray until I didn’t feel so low and lonely anymore. I do not want to put Nip down. I’m going to buy him some more time and have the vet check him out. My house will be very empty without a Catnip in it.

Happy New Year!

Well, here we are at the end of January.  Sometimes, you need to take a slow start to a new idea, like a new year. (My way of saying I’ve been lazy, without coming right out and saying, “I’ve been lazy”.)

Cowgirl continues to amaze me with her great attitude and work ethic.  She’s had some steps backward from her phenomenal recovery from depression, but over all she’s still charging onward.  She started college a few weeks ago and is doing great!  She’s even had 2 “snow” days off for the cold weather.  Her first legitimate snow days.  We’ve also been doing marathons of Downton Abbey.  Cowgirl is proving to be the real blogger in the family, too.  She writes and posts and sets up publish dates and I sit and stare at my phone.

The phone brings me to somethings that started circulating in my heart last night.  I do spend way too much time on the phone/computer.  It’s so easy to pick up and more convenient to surf the net from my hand than the laptop.  January is Sanctity of Life month and if you read the news you know that some states and people don’t give a crap about the sanctity of life.  My overwhelming anger and knee-jerk reactions to posts on social media were eye opening to me.  Yesterday especially I felt God telling me to let go of that method of communication.  This morning I un-followed a lot of friends, people I genuinely like, because the things they post aren’t things I need to be filling my heart and mind with.  After the un-following I started seeing posts from lots of friends and family, I never saw things from before.  If this doesn’t help me let go of anger and knee-jerk reactions, then the parting will be finalized.

So, if I’m spending less time on social media, hopefully I will spend more time blogging.  There is so much going on in the sewing room and some gorgeous new polos headed to the website .

And that’s what’s happening on the hobby farm.

Up and Running

Me and the business!  That cold put me on the couch for FIVE days.  Absolutely no fun.  I’m still coughing a bit and the whole family has shared the love.  Farm Boy has had the worst of it by far.  It just lingers and lingers, poor kid.  He wore a ski mask at parkour last night to protect the other kids.  Only my family.

We officially launched the business on Tacebook on October 31st! and Cowgirl started a blog about our venture into business:  I’m sewing my fingers (and my back) to a frazzle, but it is worth it.

I also finished the poinsettia table runner for my sister-in-law for Christmas.  It turned out even better than expected.  The pictures are on my phone which is not in arms reach right now – sorry.

I think the best news in the last week is that we brought Penny home!!!  Mr. Fix-It and I had a date to Menard’s on Friday to pick up the lumber for her stall front.  Saturday Cowgirl helped her dad build the stall and sliding door.  Once again my inspiration drew up her plans, ordered the exact amount of lumber (2 2x4s over what was needed) and poured her heart into a construction project.  Penny got turned out with the sheep yesterday and they had quite a time scaring each other.  They eventually settled down and enjoyed the green grass of November.  November!! And green grass??  Cowgirl needs to find an indoor arena she can haul to during the winter when our ground is too frozen or too wet, but she is indeed loving having her girl at home.  Penny is a little bored after being in a barn with lots of other horses and activity going on.  I bought her a jolly ball to play with and gave it to her early – Merry Christmas!

It turns out that we won’t be having company for Thanksgiving this year, so we will be looking for new activities and going to The Little Bird and her Apple for a late dinner.  I hate that my kids grew up and their cousins grew up and those 5 hours between us and extended family seem to have grown longer over the years.  But I will accept new traditions and dream about grandchildren 😀

And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm

Re-Capping the Week

After three very productive days, I had a couple of slow ones.  Thursday I had to pick up fish for Mr. Fit-It – and the little perch were tinier than my little finger!  And then I did a quick repair on Penny’s blanket so that I could clean it and spent $7 at the laundry mat to wash and pretend to dry it.  I brought it home and stank up my dryer.  Now, i need to do a good repair on the rip and hope that her stable mate doesn’t kick any more nails loose in her walls!  After that, I just felt kind of blah.  Friday I did the grocery shopping and then collapsed.  I wasn’t feeling very well, but after Farm Boy’s movie, I went ahead and watched Blue Bloods since I was up.  Yesterday was an antique/craft show and lunch with my Bestie!!!  We have sadly had to neglect our time together, so this was a much needed catch up.  And I have LOTS of holiday craft shows and bazaars on my calendar for the two of us!  And she’s become an enabler in the crunchy department!  Now we’re both making re-usables and diy personal care.  I love her so much!

Crazy BumbleBee polos are going to be at the All American Quarter Horse Congress!!  I am so excited that Cowgirl’s trainer said he would take a box along.  Cowgirl is getting really tired from working full time and her feet and ankles are paying a hefty price on the concrete all day, but she bought the cutest Twisted X moccasins and I’m going to have to get a pair when we go to the freestyle reining next week.

Cowgirl and I had a tense discussion about me going back to work.  She reminded me that I did agree to pay for the horse for 3 years while she finished high school and got started with college.  I let her know about her lack of helping around the house.  We didn’t yell at each other which was good – we are very much the same temperament.  She needed communication and I needed some rest and some space.  We both felt better and I feel better about looking for a new part time job.  I’m still going to pursue the Etsy shop and blogging with the goal of full time by the time she’s done with school.  Oh, how I love staying home!!!

I heard the end of a teaching on the radio this week about laying down things the Lord asks us to let go of.  It really made me stop and think about how proud I was of being a SAHM.  I was really proud that I didn’t HAVE to work and could be home.  I was holding on to that identity and not appreciating what a gift it was.  That helped to add some new perspective.  But, oh, it is so nice to be able to clean my house each day!!!

I’m excited to see what this week will hold and how much I can get accomplished.  More polos to get done to send with the trainer and some Christmas gifts to get started on.  And that bed has GOT TO GET STAINED!!

And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm!


Ahem, Remember Me?

Yeah, it’s been almost a year.  Yeah, it’s been a BUSY year.  I admit to a hard time adjusting to being a working mom – the one thing I swore I’d never be.  But Penny is beautiful and so worth it!  The changes in her in one year have bean amazing!  And they won two 2nd place ribbons in their first show!!  I still enjoy my job, but I’m working 5 mornings a week now and it’s a lot harder to make time for all of the other things.  I did join a gym at Cowgirl’s insistence, not that she has time to go with me 😀

I’ve been re-thinking the blog again and still not sure if I want to continue to ramble about everything or focus more closely on one or two areas.  I may – oh horrors – have to start a new blog!!

My Newlyweds got hitched in October, my Cowgirl is a senior in high school and my baby boy has decided he wants to be a farmer – Farm Boy.  I’ve given up on gardening – I’ve been weed defeated, but I’ve now turned that over to Farm Boy for the summer.  Husband has drained and dug the pond and ruined my back pasture to a sad point. It’s going to be a hard recovery out there.

No new critters on the Hobby Farm for a while.  I still have the old chickens who heard they were being replaced and started laying eggs like crazy this spring!  We had 10 little lambs from 5 Moms, 2 singles, 2 sets of twins, 1 set of quads.  Yep, QUADS from a Katahdin!  And bless Honey’s heart, she has nursed all 4 of them – Huey, Luey, Duey and Magnolia (Maggie).  We had two little rams born premature and they held on for about 10 days, but Sawyer and Finn just couldn’t make it.  I hate those little graves on the hillside.  Stormie’s girls were all tangled together and got to be born at the vet’s office.  They were named after the technicians that made such a fuss over them, Emily and Jamie.  Rebekah gave us another ram, Markus and her stall mate, Lavender had a little bitty boy Sunday night, Duke.  Lavender is Daisy’s last baby.  Our beloved Daisy never recovered from Lavvy’s birth last year.  The vet ruled out Johne’s Disease and figured she must have had a tumor.  She was waisting away to nothing so we put her down – another horrible grave on the hillside.  Just like Stormie and Rebekah, Lavender is being a good mom.  We’ve kept the genes alive.

I’ll try to ramble more often now and will probably have some reflections to share – can you imagine ME waxing thoughtful??

And That’s only a bit of What’s Been Happening on the Hobby Farm.


Living at the Speed of Life

Good grief, life flies by at lightening speed.  It was just my birthday and y’know what?  Easter, spring, horse shows, Kurt’s birthday, I got a job, I bought Kristen a horse, I got a new job, Kristen got clobbered in an accident and her car was totaled, Easter, my parents visited, and Karra got engaged. And a whole lot of other life in between!

After a couple of frustrating horse shows, I was just fed up with Kristen only ever showing the whatever horses that people brought to IEA. So, I got a job and bought a horse before I even started working! We had our eye on a 4 year old quarter horse at a rescue in Athens and once I got the job, I talked to our trainer and showed him the papers and info on her. We headed off on April 4th with a horse trailer in tow to visit .  I was feeling really good after Jeff told me he loved her on paper. Reining, cutting and ranch horse blood lines. He watched her moved a bit in the round pen and said yep, we can work with her. And one adoption fee later, we were horse owners.

Image may contain: horse, sky, outdoor and nature

AQHA registered Whiteoaks Bonnie a.k.a. Penny. We found a shiny penny and picked her up and took her home!  So in love with this sweetheart.  Jeff promised us in 60 days we wouldn’t recognize her, but in just 2 weeks she had gained weight and started to build some muscle. Kristen is doing an apprenticeship to work off the training fees and I’m paying the monthly board.

Image may contain: one or more people, horse and outdoor

A month later – first time in the saddle. She’s responding to her training so well! We couldn’t be happier with her.

We bought a saddle on Thursday – great price, brand new, but has water damage on one fender and a rusted stirrup. So, we bought new fenders and stirrups. After church today we bought a girth. Saddle (came with bridle and breast collar), new fenders, stirrups and girth – total price? $300!!!!!

(No pictures, they showed the laundry and mess in my living room) 😀

The next day after we brought Penny home, Kristen was hit by a drunk driver – at 5pm in the afternoon! He hit Kristen then a semi then another car. We got a good settlement from the insurance company, but her car was totalled due to the extensive right side damage. Large tears abound. I never cried, but I got that call that stops every parent’s heart – hysterical child on the phone. We have said many, many prayers of thanks that Kristen and Kurt weren’t hurt. Kurt was covered in glass from the shattered window but only had a few nicks on his elbow. His glasses have nicks and gouges in the lenses, but not a scratch on his face.  I got Kristen to the chiropractor right away because she had her final IEA show that weekend!  She was really sore, but it just capped off an overall disappointing season.

Three days after the accident was Kurt’s birthday

Creeper cake anyone?

Hey, cool gaming chair!

Over Memorial Day weekend we had a poop moving party. Joel and Kristen took the walls off the stalls, the roll bar and exhaust off the tractor and turned Kurt loose with the backhoe.

He takes his job very seriously – and he’s quite good with the backhoe.

It was wonderful to go out to the barn and have clean stalls with fresh bedding. That clean out was long, LONG overdue. Of course moving all of that mess stirred up the flies something terrible. I like to think of it as making them readily available to the chickens. 😀

And the last thing rolling off the fingertips tonight are DIMS Day projects!

I can’t remember where I saw the project to take scotch glasses, a candlestick and a relish plate and turn them into a bathroom caddy, but I finally found the candlesticks at a garage sale and was ready to roll. The end result:

It let me put all of my lotions and body sprays into a basket where they are corralled instead of floating freely all over the counter. Anyone else have wandering lotions and body sprays?

The one I’m most proud of is my little ottoman. Again, I can’t remember where I saw the tutorial to take a milk crate, cover it with jute and make a cushioned top.

The supplies

Wrapping and gluing. Gluing and wrapping.

I used 2 and 1/4 of the rolls of jute to cover the entire crate. I did cut foam core to put into the bottom thinking I would make it usable for storage.

It only took 20 minutes to finally find the staple gun Kurt gave me for Christmas :p  Once I found it I got down to upholstery business! I didn’t go with an easily removed cushion because the crate is kind of small and I can’t think of anything I’d put into it anyway.

Hubby got busy and installed a bathroom fan (that we got for $20 at a garage sale – brand new in the box)

It goes great with the new beach theme in my master bathroom. And the new fan doesn’t chirp and chatter like a crazy cockatoo!

Bathroom curtain. I have enough fabric to do my bedroom curtains, too.

We went to IKEA for our 25th anniversary and I got the metal bed I’ve always wanted. Joel even agrees that it’s a great bed – very comfortable!

Hang in there newlyweds – sometimes it takes 25 years for Mr. Wonderful to realize that his wife is right! And speaking of newlyweds – Karra and her Mr. Wonderful got engaged on the big fishing trip to Canada. Her ring is beautiful. She is happy. And I’m going to be a mother-in-law. I love the way he calls me Mom Two. He’s my Son Also.

And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm!



Happy Birthday to Me!!

Yesterday was a monumental day. I turned a great big 50.  My plan was to simply spend the day in my sewing room. However, the weekend has gone like this:

Thursday – Joel came home from Minnesota. Happy dance

Friday – Joel and I had dinner with our friends John and Debbie and stayed out until 1:30am!

Saturday – I spent a lazy morning online


(my birthday shirt to myself)

then I went down to the sewing room and enjoyed myself:




(finished Kurt’s Christmas present sleep shirt)


(covered a couple of cardboard boxes with contact paper)

Promptly at 4:30 I had put on a little makeup because Karra’s boyfriend was coming over for presents. My first present was a blindfold and a note that the best presents can’t be seen. Uh oh. They drug me out of the house with a little makeup, bad hair, and a blindfold.

We arrived at my Bestie’s house for a surprise 50th birthday party. Bumble themed, of course.


(Kristen made a cake for me)


(She cried when it was time to put candles in it)

And there were balloons and presents and my closest Ohio family to celebrate. It was a WONDERFUL birthday! There were balloons, too, but I didn’t get a picture of them before Catnip found them.


And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm.