Ka-pow! Ka-boom!

And all at once, we are developing the brand, the facebook shop, instagram, inventory is in production.  Cowgirl is all over labels, tags and business cards.  We are gearing up big time to go full time as fast as we can.  Unfortunately, I’m still looking for a part-time job because we have to pay Penny’s board no matter what.  Cowgirl is still going to college in January and I’m still going to clean my house and educate Farm Boy.  But, wow oh wow, her energy and input have just exploded something that has been in my heart for so so long!

The absolute best part of her job at Congress is seeing how much better she has gotten with the whole anxiety, depression thing.  We have both made monster strides forward this year and it just keeps accelerating.  I’ve forgotten my meds twice in the last 2 months – and made myself sick in the process – but other than the physical withdrawal symptoms,  I’ve felt really steady.  Pastor Bob told me God would heal me this year and I love seeing those prophetic words come to fruition.  I am feeling so very blessed right now!!

And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm.

Re-Thinking Things

Last week was not easy.  The lazy bug has reared its ugly head.  And there just aren’t many job options out there right now.  Needless to say, I struggled quite a bit last week.  I did have a riding lesson which was a ton of fun even if old Therapy didn’t want to move for me.,  That stinker of a horse knows when a newbie is on his back!

But forging ahead!!  Cowgirl has had some great discussions with several “professional” sellers while she’s been working at Congress.  Not only does she like marketing and selling, but she is geeked, gung ho about getting our polos off the ground.  So, we have been researching our supply sources and looking into how and where we want to set up shop.  After all this time thinking we’d pop up an Etsy shop, it’s starting to look like we’re going to forego Etsy.   Yes,  Etsy would give us a wide audience, but I feel like there are better options available for our small business and they don’t entail the high fees that Etsy is currently charging.  I’m excited and Cowgirl already has the social media going.  Look out world, here come Crazy BumbleBee Polos!

I’m also working on a table runner for my sister-in-law.  I am really excited about it and can’t wait until it’s done.

Ok, confession time – I’m avoiding cleaning my house again.  Let’s face it, crafting, sewing and business planning are so much more fun than cleaning toilets and sweeping floors!

And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm.

Re-Capping the Week

After three very productive days, I had a couple of slow ones.  Thursday I had to pick up fish for Mr. Fit-It – and the little perch were tinier than my little finger!  And then I did a quick repair on Penny’s blanket so that I could clean it and spent $7 at the laundry mat to wash and pretend to dry it.  I brought it home and stank up my dryer.  Now, i need to do a good repair on the rip and hope that her stable mate doesn’t kick any more nails loose in her walls!  After that, I just felt kind of blah.  Friday I did the grocery shopping and then collapsed.  I wasn’t feeling very well, but after Farm Boy’s movie, I went ahead and watched Blue Bloods since I was up.  Yesterday was an antique/craft show and lunch with my Bestie!!!  We have sadly had to neglect our time together, so this was a much needed catch up.  And I have LOTS of holiday craft shows and bazaars on my calendar for the two of us!  And she’s become an enabler in the crunchy department!  Now we’re both making re-usables and diy personal care.  I love her so much!

Crazy BumbleBee polos are going to be at the All American Quarter Horse Congress!!  I am so excited that Cowgirl’s trainer said he would take a box along.  Cowgirl is getting really tired from working full time and her feet and ankles are paying a hefty price on the concrete all day, but she bought the cutest Twisted X moccasins and I’m going to have to get a pair when we go to the freestyle reining next week.

Cowgirl and I had a tense discussion about me going back to work.  She reminded me that I did agree to pay for the horse for 3 years while she finished high school and got started with college.  I let her know about her lack of helping around the house.  We didn’t yell at each other which was good – we are very much the same temperament.  She needed communication and I needed some rest and some space.  We both felt better and I feel better about looking for a new part time job.  I’m still going to pursue the Etsy shop and blogging with the goal of full time by the time she’s done with school.  Oh, how I love staying home!!!

I heard the end of a teaching on the radio this week about laying down things the Lord asks us to let go of.  It really made me stop and think about how proud I was of being a SAHM.  I was really proud that I didn’t HAVE to work and could be home.  I was holding on to that identity and not appreciating what a gift it was.  That helped to add some new perspective.  But, oh, it is so nice to be able to clean my house each day!!!

I’m excited to see what this week will hold and how much I can get accomplished.  More polos to get done to send with the trainer and some Christmas gifts to get started on.  And that bed has GOT TO GET STAINED!!

And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm!


The Month of Catching Up

So many successful people say that losing their job was the catalyst that pushed them forward.  Well, I’m leaning forward.  It’s still a matter of prayer and seeking God’s guidance, but I really feel that my place is here at home.  I’m so grateful for my friend, Andi, who has encouraged me to pursue my creativity, but first and foremost to pursue God’s direction in my creative pursuits.

Soooo, as I gut-clean my dirty house and cluttered basement, I will be focusing in on recapturing that lost art of “home making” and creating lovely little things for the Etsy shop (and working like crazy to get that list of Christmas gifts done).

Yesterday I started on cleaning the house.  I vacuumed the stairs for the first time in The-Good-Lord-only-knows when.  I got caught up in the kitchen and washed towels.  That doesn’t sound like a lot, but I had friends dropping off a mircroscope they borrowed for VBS and a load of Rock delivered for Mr. Fix-It to spread over the drain he’s putting in around the workshop.  And I caught up on checking Farm Boy’s school (two weeks) and ran errands in town – before getting supper and taking Farm Boy to parkour class.  There!  Now, it sounds like I did something yesterday.

Today I finally dusted the living room and went to water the plants that trail down the TV armoire and they were wet!  Fortunately, they are too high for the cats to have watered – :p  One of the rooms I hate, HATE, HATE to clean is the bathroom – specifically the master bathroom.  I know, we use it everyday, but I have a well trained eye for overlooking nasty.  But today, I attacked.  I took the CLR to the shower walls and swept and mopped the floor.  Sadly, the floor needs a second mopping.  My Lord, I have been a terrible person to let my bathroom floor get that dirty!

Laundry is started, pork chops thawing for dinner and I’m dreaming of the day I don’t hold myself accountable to clean my house, by telling the whole Blogospere how dirty it is!!

And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm

Day Three of Unemployment

Well, three days in and my house is only marginally cleaner.  It’s amazing how often “clean up the kitchen” tops my to do list, like, twice a day?  Oh well, Cowgirl got over her initial terror at Mom not having a job.  She started her month long adventure working at the Quarter Horse Congress today.

I’ve worked the daily to-do list and added things to the big project to-do list that I’m hoping to have accomplished by the end of October.  I would love to take the rest of the year off and not look for work until January.  Even more than that, I’d love to get the Etsy shop up and running and start a new blog and never look back.  The job I had was absolutely perfect.  But, if God takes away – or allows to be taken away – something that was perfect, then HE has something better than perfect lined up.  That’s what I want more than anything – something HE has planned that is better than my perfect.

And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm

Life’s About Changing

Well, here I sit.  Unemployed after 18 months of working.  Enough in the bank for one month of horse board.  Cowgirl has a job for the next month that will cover a month or two of board if necessary.  I’m not sure what to do.  There isn’t much on the job boards that fits the bill like my last job – part-time, close to home, great people.

Maybe it’s time to start rambling with my fingertips again.  I know Farm Boy needs his schoolteacher back and this Crazy Bee just wants to stay home.  But I committed to the horse thing and I’ve got to find a new job.  I look at job requirements and I feel so inadequate again.  And yet, I’ve got 18 months of experience to help.

For the rest of this week I’m going to clean my house and take pictures of things I need to sell.  Horse items for facebook groups and horse polos for the Etsy shop.  Yah, my Etsy shop turned into a horse item shop!  Crazy BumbleBee Polos.

Well, Lord, here I am.  Open to Your suggestions and grateful for some time at home to catch up on a list as long as my arm and as deep as the month of October.

Pretty quiet on the hobby farm right now.

Ahem, Remember Me?

Yeah, it’s been almost a year.  Yeah, it’s been a BUSY year.  I admit to a hard time adjusting to being a working mom – the one thing I swore I’d never be.  But Penny is beautiful and so worth it!  The changes in her in one year have bean amazing!  And they won two 2nd place ribbons in their first show!!  I still enjoy my job, but I’m working 5 mornings a week now and it’s a lot harder to make time for all of the other things.  I did join a gym at Cowgirl’s insistence, not that she has time to go with me 😀

I’ve been re-thinking the blog again and still not sure if I want to continue to ramble about everything or focus more closely on one or two areas.  I may – oh horrors – have to start a new blog!!

My Newlyweds got hitched in October, my Cowgirl is a senior in high school and my baby boy has decided he wants to be a farmer – Farm Boy.  I’ve given up on gardening – I’ve been weed defeated, but I’ve now turned that over to Farm Boy for the summer.  Husband has drained and dug the pond and ruined my back pasture to a sad point. It’s going to be a hard recovery out there.

No new critters on the Hobby Farm for a while.  I still have the old chickens who heard they were being replaced and started laying eggs like crazy this spring!  We had 10 little lambs from 5 Moms, 2 singles, 2 sets of twins, 1 set of quads.  Yep, QUADS from a Katahdin!  And bless Honey’s heart, she has nursed all 4 of them – Huey, Luey, Duey and Magnolia (Maggie).  We had two little rams born premature and they held on for about 10 days, but Sawyer and Finn just couldn’t make it.  I hate those little graves on the hillside.  Stormie’s girls were all tangled together and got to be born at the vet’s office.  They were named after the technicians that made such a fuss over them, Emily and Jamie.  Rebekah gave us another ram, Markus and her stall mate, Lavender had a little bitty boy Sunday night, Duke.  Lavender is Daisy’s last baby.  Our beloved Daisy never recovered from Lavvy’s birth last year.  The vet ruled out Johne’s Disease and figured she must have had a tumor.  She was waisting away to nothing so we put her down – another horrible grave on the hillside.  Just like Stormie and Rebekah, Lavender is being a good mom.  We’ve kept the genes alive.

I’ll try to ramble more often now and will probably have some reflections to share – can you imagine ME waxing thoughtful??

And That’s only a bit of What’s Been Happening on the Hobby Farm.