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It Snowed Today!

I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see the white stuff falling from the sky!  It just makes my heart sing.  The two things I miss the most about Michigan are The Lake and the snow. Both make me so happy when ever I see them. 😀

Cowgirl is making great progress getting Penny into the trailer.  The first time she tried to load after she brought Penny home did not go well.  Penny is a bit spoiled by wide slant load trailers with ramps.  We have an older, narrow step-up.  Penny is getting the hang of it and hopefully she’ll be good to haul soon.  The new farrier comes tomorrow to fix her loose slider.

Cowgirl is getting a bit discouraged about our little business.  Gosh darn shipping is crazy expensive.  Why??  We thought we had our first sale today, but in the end it looks like shipping costs killed the order.  And, ugh, we lost the supplier for the cute little bumblebees we put on the polos.  Apparently the manufacturer changed hands and our supplier can’t get them anymore.  We’re looking into an embroidery machine – which I’ve wanted anyway.  We found one for re-sell at a good price.  Investment money is getting pretty tight.  Hopefully, we can hold out until horse show season starts in February.

My good news (aside from not breaking myself when I fell off the stairs in the house – face plant at the front door) is that I have 90% of my Christmas sewing done!  And 90% of my shopping as well.  It’s been years since I’ve been this close to finished before Thanksgiving.  I’m super geeked.

And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm!


Up and Running

Me and the business!  That cold put me on the couch for FIVE days.  Absolutely no fun.  I’m still coughing a bit and the whole family has shared the love.  Farm Boy has had the worst of it by far.  It just lingers and lingers, poor kid.  He wore a ski mask at parkour last night to protect the other kids.  Only my family.

We officially launched the business on Tacebook on October 31st! and Cowgirl started a blog about our venture into business:  I’m sewing my fingers (and my back) to a frazzle, but it is worth it.

I also finished the poinsettia table runner for my sister-in-law for Christmas.  It turned out even better than expected.  The pictures are on my phone which is not in arms reach right now – sorry.

I think the best news in the last week is that we brought Penny home!!!  Mr. Fix-It and I had a date to Menard’s on Friday to pick up the lumber for her stall front.  Saturday Cowgirl helped her dad build the stall and sliding door.  Once again my inspiration drew up her plans, ordered the exact amount of lumber (2 2x4s over what was needed) and poured her heart into a construction project.  Penny got turned out with the sheep yesterday and they had quite a time scaring each other.  They eventually settled down and enjoyed the green grass of November.  November!! And green grass??  Cowgirl needs to find an indoor arena she can haul to during the winter when our ground is too frozen or too wet, but she is indeed loving having her girl at home.  Penny is a little bored after being in a barn with lots of other horses and activity going on.  I bought her a jolly ball to play with and gave it to her early – Merry Christmas!

It turns out that we won’t be having company for Thanksgiving this year, so we will be looking for new activities and going to The Little Bird and her Apple for a late dinner.  I hate that my kids grew up and their cousins grew up and those 5 hours between us and extended family seem to have grown longer over the years.  But I will accept new traditions and dream about grandchildren 😀

And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm

Being Sick, Business Plans & Chicken Surgery

How’s that for a mess of a title?  Sadly, the first two are dominating my day.  Here’s a copy of my FB post from this morning:

My little school only has one student, but I managed to get sick from him. I knew there was a good reason not to touch that biology book!

Mr. Fix-It noticed last night that one of the chickens was limping. Farm Boy says, yah, it has been limping for a while, i figured it would get better. Cowgirl goes out this morning and gets the chicken. She has the string from a feed bag embedded in her ties and around her foot.


I helped Cowgirl set up a little surgery for the chicken and she started snipping the string off the chicken’s foot. And all of a sudden, my student’s sickness washes over me and I’m struggling to stay upright and not pass out or puke during chicken surgery! I ended up on the bathroom floor and Cowgirl freed the chicken. 
It wasn’t even a gross surgery!

Fortunately, I don’t have the flu, just a bad cold that has settled in my chest and sinuses – where all colds seem to settle to cause lots of misery.
Cowgirl told me yesterday that I could only have the one day off from business.  Nearly fainting during surgery has garnered another day to recuperate.  Of course, I’m looking for a business bank, racking my brain for questions to ask the accountant, and researching what we need to file with the state to be a legit business.  Cowgirl has been business planning like a boss with her two days off from Quarter Horse Congress.  I am so proud of how she is running with this.  She can’t put it down!
Me?  I am over being sick (I’m on day 2) and ready to be able to function without bricks on my chest.  Vick’s, Gypsy Cold Care tea and orange juice.  What a combination.
And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm!

Ka-pow! Ka-boom!

And all at once, we are developing the brand, the facebook shop, instagram, inventory is in production.  Cowgirl is all over labels, tags and business cards.  We are gearing up big time to go full time as fast as we can.  Unfortunately, I’m still looking for a part-time job because we have to pay Penny’s board no matter what.  Cowgirl is still going to college in January and I’m still going to clean my house and educate Farm Boy.  But, wow oh wow, her energy and input have just exploded something that has been in my heart for so so long!

The absolute best part of her job at Congress is seeing how much better she has gotten with the whole anxiety, depression thing.  We have both made monster strides forward this year and it just keeps accelerating.  I’ve forgotten my meds twice in the last 2 months – and made myself sick in the process – but other than the physical withdrawal symptoms,  I’ve felt really steady.  Pastor Bob told me God would heal me this year and I love seeing those prophetic words come to fruition.  I am feeling so very blessed right now!!

And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm.

Re-Thinking Things

Last week was not easy.  The lazy bug has reared its ugly head.  And there just aren’t many job options out there right now.  Needless to say, I struggled quite a bit last week.  I did have a riding lesson which was a ton of fun even if old Therapy didn’t want to move for me.,  That stinker of a horse knows when a newbie is on his back!

But forging ahead!!  Cowgirl has had some great discussions with several “professional” sellers while she’s been working at Congress.  Not only does she like marketing and selling, but she is geeked, gung ho about getting our polos off the ground.  So, we have been researching our supply sources and looking into how and where we want to set up shop.  After all this time thinking we’d pop up an Etsy shop, it’s starting to look like we’re going to forego Etsy.   Yes,  Etsy would give us a wide audience, but I feel like there are better options available for our small business and they don’t entail the high fees that Etsy is currently charging.  I’m excited and Cowgirl already has the social media going.  Look out world, here come Crazy BumbleBee Polos!

I’m also working on a table runner for my sister-in-law.  I am really excited about it and can’t wait until it’s done.

Ok, confession time – I’m avoiding cleaning my house again.  Let’s face it, crafting, sewing and business planning are so much more fun than cleaning toilets and sweeping floors!

And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm.

The Month of Catching Up

So many successful people say that losing their job was the catalyst that pushed them forward.  Well, I’m leaning forward.  It’s still a matter of prayer and seeking God’s guidance, but I really feel that my place is here at home.  I’m so grateful for my friend, Andi, who has encouraged me to pursue my creativity, but first and foremost to pursue God’s direction in my creative pursuits.

Soooo, as I gut-clean my dirty house and cluttered basement, I will be focusing in on recapturing that lost art of “home making” and creating lovely little things for the Etsy shop (and working like crazy to get that list of Christmas gifts done).

Yesterday I started on cleaning the house.  I vacuumed the stairs for the first time in The-Good-Lord-only-knows when.  I got caught up in the kitchen and washed towels.  That doesn’t sound like a lot, but I had friends dropping off a mircroscope they borrowed for VBS and a load of Rock delivered for Mr. Fix-It to spread over the drain he’s putting in around the workshop.  And I caught up on checking Farm Boy’s school (two weeks) and ran errands in town – before getting supper and taking Farm Boy to parkour class.  There!  Now, it sounds like I did something yesterday.

Today I finally dusted the living room and went to water the plants that trail down the TV armoire and they were wet!  Fortunately, they are too high for the cats to have watered – :p  One of the rooms I hate, HATE, HATE to clean is the bathroom – specifically the master bathroom.  I know, we use it everyday, but I have a well trained eye for overlooking nasty.  But today, I attacked.  I took the CLR to the shower walls and swept and mopped the floor.  Sadly, the floor needs a second mopping.  My Lord, I have been a terrible person to let my bathroom floor get that dirty!

Laundry is started, pork chops thawing for dinner and I’m dreaming of the day I don’t hold myself accountable to clean my house, by telling the whole Blogospere how dirty it is!!

And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm

Day Three of Unemployment

Well, three days in and my house is only marginally cleaner.  It’s amazing how often “clean up the kitchen” tops my to do list, like, twice a day?  Oh well, Cowgirl got over her initial terror at Mom not having a job.  She started her month long adventure working at the Quarter Horse Congress today.

I’ve worked the daily to-do list and added things to the big project to-do list that I’m hoping to have accomplished by the end of October.  I would love to take the rest of the year off and not look for work until January.  Even more than that, I’d love to get the Etsy shop up and running and start a new blog and never look back.  The job I had was absolutely perfect.  But, if God takes away – or allows to be taken away – something that was perfect, then HE has something better than perfect lined up.  That’s what I want more than anything – something HE has planned that is better than my perfect.

And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm

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