I’ve Been AWOL Haven’t I?

OK.  Here goes:  My parents came, we took them to the Lego Movie & Grandpa fell asleep (but he liked the parts he was awake for), we went to the Half Price Bookstore, Grandpa put up new clothes lines for me, we went to the mall so Grandpa could go to the Lego Store with Kurt (Kurt talked the whole time) and we had lunch at 5 Guys – oh me oh my!  Then my Dad went home & my Mom stayed & I ran around like a chicken with its head cut off and finally got the garage sale together and advertised and we sat through Thursday and Friday and made $50.  I took Grandma home the next day in my new van and discovered at my parents that I had XM Radio!!!!  And then the kids had Drama Camp and I ran around like a chicken with its head cut off all week taking them hither & yon and doing this and that.  Then they performed Friday night and J & D joined us and we all went to Steak N Shake.  Then I had the garage sale on Saturday and made $30.  And then on Sunday Honey wasn’t right & on Monday we took her to the vet in the old van and she made a fecal sample and I nearly died in the driver’s seat, and then on Tuesday Lexi went to the vet to get fixed and on Wednesday she left a fecal sample on my carpet TWICE!  And then Wednesday I went to here and went to there and got Kurt signed up for swim lessons (and had to run from the pool to Hubby for a signature and back to the pool) and . . . .  the week isn’ t over yet.

My parents visit was really fun and I think my Dad had a good time.  He really liked the tomato fence I put up and made one for himself when he got home.  I don’t know how to include the pinterest picture where I got the idea, but basically you put a piece of cattle panel between two t-posts and tie the tomatoes up.  Someone commented that they were going to use rebar mesh because it’s cheaper and that’s what I did!  Hubby was impressed.

Grandpa really did fall asleep in the Lego Movie – it was funny.  My Dad always falls asleep if he sits down too long – especially in a dark room!

The garage sale was obviously less than a stellar success.  3 days and a whopping $80.  Definitely not worth the work although it looked really nice all set up.  I’ll be posting things on craigslist tomorrow night (if I’m not exhausted from our first college visit)

It was nice to do a road trip with my Mom and to spend a quiet night away from the kids.  I brought home a big hunk of my Mom’s lavender plant and a couple of roses.  I put them into the neglected front flower bed where they are anchoring the lilly I moved.  I know, I know, pictures!  Let’s wait until next year when things are blooming 🙂  I sadly lost the XM Radio on Monday, someone figured out that they’d sold the van.

Drama Camp was fun.  I helped out with cleaning up a couple of days and it was the easiest sheemsiest thing.  The kids had a LOT of fun and Kurt had a talking part!!  My first child to have a speaking part at Drama Camp.  He played Tarzan – complete with a wig that I can’t even describe!!  Like a mullet on steroids.

KidShine Tarzan's beautiful hair!

And of course he had to strike a pose!!

He told silly jokes and made a hysterical laugh (which is what won him the part).  He brought down the house.  Who knew my little guy had perfect comedic timing??

Never play poker in jungle . . . . too many cheetahs . . . .  HAH HAH HAH HAH!  Tarzan crack Tarzan up.

I have a great picture of Kristen with her friends but once again I won’t post pics of other peoples’ children. 😦

We had a great time going out to dinner with J & D, but I was really, really tired by that time.  It was a long week.

And then we started this week with Honey off her feed on Sunday.  She still wasn’t eating on Monday and Kristen took her temp and it was way high.  The vet couldn’t see her until 4pm, so we followed our directions and got her to drink plenty of water with electrolytes.  In the old van, two minutes from the vet’s drive and Honey lets out a nice, wet fecal sample.  I had just told Kristen to move her rear end away from me because I didn’t want what happened to happen!  I started screaming BLEEEEECK!!  GAAAAAAG!  ACKKKKKKKK! I’M GONNA DIE!!!!   BLEEEEEEEECK!  Kristen sits on the back seat and laughs her not so little flip flops right off.  I was ready to die in the driver’s seat – and it got on my purse handle and the seats and the center console.  It was nasty!  After eliminating the obvious causes, we concluded it was probably salmonella – which means someone wasn’t washing their hands after handling the new chicks and then going to tend the animals.  Hmmmm.

Tuesday we took Lexi in to get fixed and she was so sad and didn’t want us to leave her.  That was hard.  We picked her up and she was still so groggy and unsure about walking with the cone on her head.  She face planted on the sidewalk when we left the vet.  At home she started up the sidewalk with Kristen and when the cone got stuck on the ground she just stopped.  We spent the rest of the night laughing about her getting stuck every time she tried to walk.  By morning she was fine.  Until later in the day when I was gone running errands (I wanted to find capris to wear to Karra’s college visit tomorrow because I didn’t want to look all old and frumpy.  She insists I could have worn shorts and a t-shirt, but I want to look nice.  I don’t want to embarrass her).  So, Lexi had diarrhea on the carpet while I was gone.  5 minutes before we need to leave for church Kurt came and asked how to clean up diarrhea – Lexi again in the same spot.  I ran to the vet for meds to make it stop and she has been on food rations today.  Poor little puppy.

And now you’re caught up on where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing.  I’m hoping to be posting the barn project pictures very soon.  The new coop is done except for the sliding door between coop and run.  Once Joel gets that done this weekend we can move the babies out of the garage (they stink!).  He’s getting lumber tonight to put the metal around the back of Sugar’s stall and then it’s a big sliding door for Libby’s stall – and her stall of course – and we’ll be done!  Kristen and I are in charge of chicken roosts, feeders and nest boxes.  My nest box ideas keep changing because the space for the boxes has shrunk courtesy of the beautiful picture window in the new coop.  I’ll have to locate all of the pictures I’ve taken and get them organized into a coherent post.  I’m very excited to share that project.

And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm!



Hey World!

Hello Blogosphere.  I haven’t forgotten you!


I have some cool video of Kristen’s second lesson at Shawn Flarida Reiners, but I need to get it into Windows Media and do some editing so that you don’t have to sit through the boring parts.  Or  maybe I’ll have Kristen do it.

And my parents are visiting this week so I’ll be uber busy keeping them entertained.  Although my Dad is doing wonderful on the lawn mower this morning.  Don’t tell Joel there was a tiny little collision with the bottom of the big slidind door on the barn – he’s going to be a little hoppy mad about that.  Somehow it will be my fault – oh well 🙂

We’re getting a new van and I am so happy.  The old farm van is getting decrepit – but still very usable.  We got a 2010 Odyssey in the company drawing and will bring it home in the next week or so.  We had about half the money saved so the loan is small and God is so faithful to pay our debts that I’m not worried about the rest at all.

Karra got moved from the wait list to the active campers for a Design Art Architecture Camp Program at University of Cincinnati.  This is the school she is really leaning toward and a great opportunity to preview their architecture program, live on campus, eat dorm food, etc.  She’s really excited about it.  Of course we got word on the final day to withdraw from the program we had signed up for at Cedarville so now I’m hopping through hoops to make sure we got out of that one late yesterday. Eeek!

That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm today!

Readjusting the Schedule

Told you, oh blogosphere, that I would try to do better at posting on my blog.  How’s this for a day?

My dear Hubby called at 9:30 this morning to tell me that we’d dropped the ball and should have gotten those papers to the title company as soon as we received them. I needed to drop everything (my get together with the Curves ladies and the kids testing) and come get his signature and then high tail it to the title company. Sigh.

No Curves ladies today – leaving me with the piles of summer squash I’d planned to give away now for me to deal with. Off I go; he signs the paper and I take off cross country to get to the highway that will take me on a direct route to the town the title company is in. It was a pretty drive and I was enjoying all of the farms and fields and little bitty small towns I encountered.  When I get half way to the town that will connect me to the highway and stop at a light, when I press the gas to go the van objects to moving forward. I get going but notice the van is revving really high. At the next light there is no giddy-up-and-go in my poor van. I get off the road into a parking lot and call hubby.

Half an hour of sitting in the heat later hubby shows up. The van didn’t even want to start and ALL of the lights on the dash are on. He gets it going and we move the thing up a hill and to a Kroger parking lot. We go deliver the papers in his car and then come back for the van. Hubby was able to drive the van home but he had to turn it off and coast and re-start it to keep it going (better him than me!).

We expect to close on the buildings on Monday or Tuesday – praise God!!! And I’m not all that upset about the van as I know God is in control and knows about our needs even before we do. It does mean the kids and I will have to take the monster truck to the barn tomorrow – THAT will be an un-air-conditioned adventure. Maybe J wiil call and say it’s too hot for the horses.

OH by get this!! Kristen called me while I waited to tell me that my Mom called and she had gotten my tart cherries and 20# of blueberries at the price we had talked about. Then my Dad came home not knowing that she was getting my blueberries and he had seen a friend of his that had berries and they were $5 cheaper than what my Mom was getting them for, so he said, “yeah, give me 20# for my daughter!” My Mom has 40# of blueberries for me for $45! $1.12/lb.!!!

And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm today!!