I like wrenches; they’re handy little tools.  They do all kinds of useful things to help out around the house.  They are not, however, welcome in my plans.  My plans to come home from church and jump in the chair with some leftovers for lunch and a blanket and watch some playoff football.  The wrench came with how cold the house was.  Oh well, we overslept this morning and I didn’t have time to turn the heat up before we left.  So I turned the heat up.  Except it didn’t come on.  And it was cold in the house.  And it had started to snow (finally) and the wind was blowing (and still is) and it’s going to be very wintery and cold for the next 3 days.  But my furnace wouldn’t turn on!!

Two hours on the phone with Husband( who of course isn’t home) and the diagnosis is the thermostat.  But, you can’t just go buy a new thermostat because it probably won’t be compatible with the old thermostat and then you’d have to rewire everything and I’m certainly no electrician.    I am a “bit” on the frugal side and REFUSE to pay a weekend/emergency fee for an electrician.  I’m sure I’m going to have to pay an emergency fee as it is to get someone here tomorrow, but at least it won’t be a weekend.  So, the little family sits under blankets with a small space heater trying to heat up a great room (my feet are cold even in my shoes).  The little thermometer says that it’s 59* in the house which I find hard to believe.  Wrenches are such handy little tools – I think I’ll take one to the thermostat.

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