Living at the Speed of Life

Good grief, life flies by at lightening speed.  It was just my birthday and y’know what?  Easter, spring, horse shows, Kurt’s birthday, I got a job, I bought Kristen a horse, I got a new job, Kristen got clobbered in an accident and her car was totaled, Easter, my parents visited, and Karra got engaged. And a whole lot of other life in between!

After a couple of frustrating horse shows, I was just fed up with Kristen only ever showing the whatever horses that people brought to IEA. So, I got a job and bought a horse before I even started working! We had our eye on a 4 year old quarter horse at a rescue in Athens and once I got the job, I talked to our trainer and showed him the papers and info on her. We headed off on April 4th with a horse trailer in tow to visit .  I was feeling really good after Jeff told me he loved her on paper. Reining, cutting and ranch horse blood lines. He watched her moved a bit in the round pen and said yep, we can work with her. And one adoption fee later, we were horse owners.

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AQHA registered Whiteoaks Bonnie a.k.a. Penny. We found a shiny penny and picked her up and took her home!  So in love with this sweetheart.  Jeff promised us in 60 days we wouldn’t recognize her, but in just 2 weeks she had gained weight and started to build some muscle. Kristen is doing an apprenticeship to work off the training fees and I’m paying the monthly board.

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A month later – first time in the saddle. She’s responding to her training so well! We couldn’t be happier with her.

We bought a saddle on Thursday – great price, brand new, but has water damage on one fender and a rusted stirrup. So, we bought new fenders and stirrups. After church today we bought a girth. Saddle (came with bridle and breast collar), new fenders, stirrups and girth – total price? $300!!!!!

(No pictures, they showed the laundry and mess in my living room) 😀

The next day after we brought Penny home, Kristen was hit by a drunk driver – at 5pm in the afternoon! He hit Kristen then a semi then another car. We got a good settlement from the insurance company, but her car was totalled due to the extensive right side damage. Large tears abound. I never cried, but I got that call that stops every parent’s heart – hysterical child on the phone. We have said many, many prayers of thanks that Kristen and Kurt weren’t hurt. Kurt was covered in glass from the shattered window but only had a few nicks on his elbow. His glasses have nicks and gouges in the lenses, but not a scratch on his face.  I got Kristen to the chiropractor right away because she had her final IEA show that weekend!  She was really sore, but it just capped off an overall disappointing season.

Three days after the accident was Kurt’s birthday

Creeper cake anyone?

Hey, cool gaming chair!

Over Memorial Day weekend we had a poop moving party. Joel and Kristen took the walls off the stalls, the roll bar and exhaust off the tractor and turned Kurt loose with the backhoe.

He takes his job very seriously – and he’s quite good with the backhoe.

It was wonderful to go out to the barn and have clean stalls with fresh bedding. That clean out was long, LONG overdue. Of course moving all of that mess stirred up the flies something terrible. I like to think of it as making them readily available to the chickens. 😀

And the last thing rolling off the fingertips tonight are DIMS Day projects!

I can’t remember where I saw the project to take scotch glasses, a candlestick and a relish plate and turn them into a bathroom caddy, but I finally found the candlesticks at a garage sale and was ready to roll. The end result:

It let me put all of my lotions and body sprays into a basket where they are corralled instead of floating freely all over the counter. Anyone else have wandering lotions and body sprays?

The one I’m most proud of is my little ottoman. Again, I can’t remember where I saw the tutorial to take a milk crate, cover it with jute and make a cushioned top.

The supplies

Wrapping and gluing. Gluing and wrapping.

I used 2 and 1/4 of the rolls of jute to cover the entire crate. I did cut foam core to put into the bottom thinking I would make it usable for storage.

It only took 20 minutes to finally find the staple gun Kurt gave me for Christmas :p  Once I found it I got down to upholstery business! I didn’t go with an easily removed cushion because the crate is kind of small and I can’t think of anything I’d put into it anyway.

Hubby got busy and installed a bathroom fan (that we got for $20 at a garage sale – brand new in the box)

It goes great with the new beach theme in my master bathroom. And the new fan doesn’t chirp and chatter like a crazy cockatoo!

Bathroom curtain. I have enough fabric to do my bedroom curtains, too.

We went to IKEA for our 25th anniversary and I got the metal bed I’ve always wanted. Joel even agrees that it’s a great bed – very comfortable!

Hang in there newlyweds – sometimes it takes 25 years for Mr. Wonderful to realize that his wife is right! And speaking of newlyweds – Karra and her Mr. Wonderful got engaged on the big fishing trip to Canada. Her ring is beautiful. She is happy. And I’m going to be a mother-in-law. I love the way he calls me Mom Two. He’s my Son Also.

And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm!



Stormcloud coming!

Our lambing season came to an end yesterday when Daisy gave birth to a baby girl – a mocha colored black back with Mommy’s white splotch that bleeds down her face.  Oh, she’s adorable!!!  I do have to warn you 3 of the pictures are of the birthing process and are a little graphic.

Stormcloud's coming!

Stormcloud’s coming

Stormcloud getting closer

Stormcloud’s getting closer

Stormie's here!!

Stormie’s here!!!!

We didn’t get to see Joy being born because Honey had her early in the morning, so this was a real thrill for us.  I had no idea that animals grunted and groaned just like humans do!  Kristen kept saying, “Really, Mom, you’ve been through it!”  We felt so bad for Daisy because those pushing contractions HURT, but we kept talking to her and praying until we’d prayed her here.

Stormie getting her first bath

Here she is getting her first bath

Stormie standing up already!

Stormcloud Mocha standing all by herself!

Stormie  less than 24 hours old

This one was taken this afternoon.  Still less than a day old.  She was trying to hop around this morning.

Stormie says Hello there

Hello world!  (I think she and Present would be good friends)

While I was out taking pictures I decided to grab a few of the other sheep and then Libby want in on the action.  Enjoy!!

HoneySuckle & Joy in the new sheep penThis is HoneySuckle and Joy in the new sheep pen!

Joshua looking very forlorn in the Stud Stall

This is Joshua looking forlorn in the “Stud Stall”.  He’s probably now wishing he’d made himself a son to keep him company!

LibertyBelle - where's MY stall!

And LibertyBelle is asking where HER new stall is!  “I want one too! MOOOOOO!!”

And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm!

Don’t Turn Your Back

Over and over I’ve reminded Kristen not to turn her back on Joshua because there is something very inviting to a ram about a human behind.  I’m not sure I want to know what, so if you know, DON’T TELL ME!

Last night I went out to lock up the chickens and Sugar was standing at the gate yelling her head off (okay, she mooed once – loudly).  I checked the hay rack and it was empty so I grabbed more hay for her and Libby and tossed it in.  I knew it was “supposed” to snow over night and the sheep were in the pen so I wanted to get them into the stall even though they break out in 3 seconds flat.  Oh well, good intentions.

I got the door open enough for skinny, pregnant Daisy to go in but Joshua is just too wide in the male midsection.  So I climbed into the pen and kicked the hay away from the door and turned to yank it open for him and KAPLOW!  The door and I both went flying forward.  “You rotten, butthead (our new favorite insult picked up from the horse trainer at the barn)!!  NO!!  NO!! You don’t do that!!”   He backed up and stared up at me for all the world like, “You had a problem with that?”  Grrrrrr!!  I bottle-fed that little tyrant.  That ungrateful male beast!

This morning my butt hurts, my knee is skinned up, and my neck and shoulder are sore because I was pulling the stall door this way when Joshua sent us both that way.  And it’s all my own dumb fault.  I turned my back on the ram!  Maybe I need a great BIG sign to hang in the hallway to remind MYSELF not to turn my back on the ram.

I almost called this post ‘Ram Butt’ which is what the ram did to mine!

And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm