I have actually been waxing reflective lately. I’ve also been waxing nostalgic for the days of leisure in which to reflect and to write.  I think of dear Caitlin over at the Coffee Comrade and remember fondly those days of having one little one to tend to. All of the quiet time during naps and early bed times. Ah.

Not that those memories have anything to do with what I’ve been reflecting about – just to have time.

I was hurrying out of Meijer on Monday feeling kind off out-of-body for some reason I haven’t been able to identify. Anyway, I was passing those full shelves and displays of fruit and vegetables and thought, “oh my gosh. I refuse to ever FEEL poor again.”  Maybe it was the scrounging together $5 to buy milk and bananas on a short week, but I was feeling a little empty-pocketed. Just looking at all of those delicious foods made me feel so rich. So blessed.

I was trucking along on my walk this morning still thinking about the full groceries. I started to wonder if I could get my family to go for a “Third World Hunger Challenge”, eating only what’s in the house and not going to the store when we ran out of something.  The first things to run out would be the milk and the bananas, followed by the bottled water (that one would hurt ME the most).  What do you do in a third world country – or a refugee camp – when the milk and the water and the fruit run out? There’s no market. There’s no money.

I think the saddest thing I thought of today is that I probably can’t get my family to go along for just two weeks.  How would we live when the Pepsi and chicken nuggets ran out? What could I feed Kurt when the milk and cheese were gone? How could I survive drinking tap water and putting powdered milk in my coffee? How sadly spoiled we Americans are.