Oh, It Finally Snowed . . .

(And Luke smells like a wet manure dog.)  Ugh.  Hold your breath!   I made the kids take the dogs out in the snow and just romp around.  Very successful as one kid and two dogs are now sound asleep. Finally, on the 12th day of January half way through the winter of 2015-2016, we […]

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Ah, Winter Showed Up!

Finally – some snow.  We haven’t had snow since the weekend before Thanksgiving.  I sent the children out to celebrate. They were playing by what is slowly coming back as our pond after Joel drained it this summer.  Kurt thought he could brake the ice on the pond – not a chance at temps of […]

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Happy New Year! 2015

Hey, I got the day right on time!  I hope everyone has had a good celebration.  We’re taking it pretty low key today.  We’ll take down the Christmas decorations and do a good dusting.  I’ll have to wash the white glass collection above the stove – it gets very nasty greasy and dusty in the […]

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Wow, we’ve been going full steam around here.  It’s not that the calendar is THAT full, it’s just things going on every day.  Or maybe I feel it because Karra got a new job and now I’m running Kristen to the barn 5 days a week – could that be it?  We’ve also had appointments […]

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Ramblin’ Fever?

I’m feeling a little rambly this morning so I thought I’d come record my scattered thoughts for future posterity.  If any of them turn out to be fairly good, I’ll share them over at Christian Homesteader. How is that when you bundle up to the nines – not to mention your eyeballs – to go […]

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