Oh, Hello

Well, WordPress sure changed while I’ve been away. Happy Thanksgiving Merry Christmas Happy New Year That’s covers the major ones. I have been away. The Holidays were good and I got most of my projects done – still haven’t stained Kutt’s new bed 😦 He’s being a trouper about the delayed bedroom makeover. I accidentally […]

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Not the Update I Wanted

We have been so busy lately.  This past weekend was the first one I’ve spent at home all month – the first weekend without a horse show.  It was fun, but I was ready for being home.  I have pictures and they are awesome and stories and they are amazing!  And I wanted to post […]

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Ride ‘Em Ramboy!!!

Kristen has a habit of bringing the sheep to the front door on their lead lines and letting them say hello.  I know what’s coming when I hear the doorbell, but  I wasn’t prepared for today’s surprise.  Instead of having one of the ewe’s with baby in tow, she had our ram, Joshua. “Where’s Kurt? […]

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