3rd place goes to number 1584

And the screams erupted – 1st one from me and then from her teammates.

It was a long day – I thought 4am only came on Black Friday – and we sat and watched horses and watched horses and watched horses.  Her horsemanship class went okay, the horse was fast and didn’t want to slow down, but she stuck her butt in that saddle and was nice and still.  No problem, we only did horsemanship in order to do reining.

The reining ride was good – she nailed those circles and came back to center just like she’s been taught (over and over and over).  She missed the lead change and remembered her coach say that it’s better to stop and get it right than to continue on the wrong lead – so she did!  It all paid off with a surprising 3rd place finish!!!  Not expecting to place at all, she got off the pony saying, “That was so much fun!  He was a great little horse!  This was so much better than just practicing reining!”

And I’m breaking my rule about posting other people’s children on my blog because right now this is the only picture I have on my camera (wouldn’t you know the battery died from sitting in the cold arena all day, but Kristen had her camera with us and our friends had a cell phone)


There she is tears and all – and did they flow, we were so surprised.  Two of her teammates practically carried her over to get her ribbon.  You’d have thought we had one the whole class there was so much screaming and hugging and universal OMGoshing!  I am so proud of her – off all of her teammates – she handled it with style.  This is a great bunch of girls who support each other all the way.  Go Team JGPH!!!

And I’m hooked on this Show Mom thing, too!

And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm!!

Could I Have Narcolepsy?

I keep falling asleep!  For the last two nights we’ve left Lexi out of her crate and put down puppy pads in her favorite “accident’ spots.  I’ve slept peacefully through the night (and had to get up early both days 😦 ).  And she hasn’t used the puppy pads at all, but she used a new spot on the carpet last night.  Puppies!

Anyway, I fell asleep on the way to church this morning.  Joel and I were both nodding off during the time we wait for service, I fell asleep on the way HOME from church and nodded off AGAIN during my NASCAR race!  I fell asleep at Talledega!  What in the world is going on?  Maybe it’s all of the fresh air from having the window open last night.

The crate is ready to go for the baby chicks when they arrive.  My email said they would ship on the 4th, but I don’t know if you can send out shipping on Sunday; it seems like you would have to send them Monday.  Which means they will come on Tuesday . . . . . .

. . . . . and that is the day that Kristen has her big lesson with Shawn Flarida – the top reining rider in the country!!!  Oh, she is so excited.  She called and made the appointment herself and she sounded so professional  and put together.  I was really proud of her.  I can’t wait to hear what he has to say!

Joel and I have been taking the dogs for leash walks and hoping to train Lexi a little better on the leash than Luke is.  He will just about break your arm off pulling to where ever he wants to go.  Joel has been reading about dog training so he’s full of it, I mean, IDEAS about how to train your dog.  Um, isn’t that why we went to PetSmart?  I’m hoping we can take that training and apply it to Lexi without having to pay for PetSmart again.  We did have a great trainer for Luke – his full time job is elephant trainer at the Zoo!!  I really liked him.

I will stop by later this week to give everyone in cyberspace an update!!

And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm.