Puppy Selfie Day – and a new rooster

We had quite a busy week – including my very first riding lesson at the barn (I’m still a tiny bit sore, but much better than Saturday when I had to hike across university campus again).  Kristen’s reining lesson got cancelled on Tuesday due to a misunderstanding, so she was a little bit bummed out.  We went to JoAnn’s and returned my patterns that didn’t sell and bought some of the paint for the new mural in the pantry and then went to Michael’s to find the rest of the paint.  We also stopped by Hobby Lobby just for the fun of it.  They had their Thanksgiving and Christmas stuff out!!!  I know they do the Christmas in July sale, but it isn’t even the 4TH of July yet!!!!  Quit rushing me I’m enjoying my summer.

My riding lesson on Thursday was fun.  Everyone was so encouraging and one of the just-out-of-college helpers (who boards her horse there) gave my lesson.  She was fantastic.  All I did was walk around on Kurt’s “Yee Hah!” horse, but by Friday night I was sore and Saturday when we picked up Karra I was really sore.  Sore and stiff when we dropped her off (from eating bad for me foods for a week) and sore and stiff when we picked her up from having a horsey ride 🙂  She had fun at the camp and made friends and designed a really neat outdoor eating pavillion for their project.  She said the people on her team were really hard to work with and couldn’t make up their minds.  Working with people can be a real drawback.  I encouraged her that not every team she works on is going to be full of difficult people.

On Friday Kristen was getting a little bored so she took puppy selfies.


Here she is with Lexi (and Dad’s shoes photobombing the background!).  Noticed the one folded over ear on our “German Shepherd”.  Silly puppy.


And here she is with Luke (I cropped out the messy blanket on the couch – aren’t I good?).  She had a hard time getting Luke to look up until I stood over them.

And also on Friday we got a rooster for our baby chick chicks.


He’s a black silkie (just what I wanted) and is 5  months older than the baby girls.  A big difference now, but it won’t matter much in a couple of months.  For now he’s living in the little dog crate inside the coop.  When the girls came to inspect him one of the barred rocks pecked him in the face!  Bad little girl.

We had planned to name him Little Joe because Kristen really likes to watch Bonanza, but on the way home he kept saying,  “Brik, Brik, Brik” and I (having an Ah Ha moment) said we should name him Emmett from the Lego Movie because he keeps saying “brick, brick”.  She didn’t like that at all and we had a real back and forth about it.  When we asked the rooster he just kept saying, “Brik, Brik, Brik”.  We finally settled on Little Joe Emmett and Kristen said we’ll end up giving him a nickname anyway.  I said  how about Jemit!?  NO NO NO NO!!!  And so we decided to just name the rooster – Brik.


Isn’t he purty?  He has the prettiest irridescent green on his tail and some pretty orange around his neck.  He is really calm and has the prettiets “Hello, world.” crow in the morning.  When all of the girls go out of the coop in the morning he always calls someone back to keep him company.  We’re really hoping that he will be a good protector for Lady Grace.

And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm.

Could I Have Narcolepsy?

I keep falling asleep!  For the last two nights we’ve left Lexi out of her crate and put down puppy pads in her favorite “accident’ spots.  I’ve slept peacefully through the night (and had to get up early both days 😦 ).  And she hasn’t used the puppy pads at all, but she used a new spot on the carpet last night.  Puppies!

Anyway, I fell asleep on the way to church this morning.  Joel and I were both nodding off during the time we wait for service, I fell asleep on the way HOME from church and nodded off AGAIN during my NASCAR race!  I fell asleep at Talledega!  What in the world is going on?  Maybe it’s all of the fresh air from having the window open last night.

The crate is ready to go for the baby chicks when they arrive.  My email said they would ship on the 4th, but I don’t know if you can send out shipping on Sunday; it seems like you would have to send them Monday.  Which means they will come on Tuesday . . . . . .

. . . . . and that is the day that Kristen has her big lesson with Shawn Flarida – the top reining rider in the country!!!  Oh, she is so excited.  She called and made the appointment herself and she sounded so professional  and put together.  I was really proud of her.  I can’t wait to hear what he has to say!

Joel and I have been taking the dogs for leash walks and hoping to train Lexi a little better on the leash than Luke is.  He will just about break your arm off pulling to where ever he wants to go.  Joel has been reading about dog training so he’s full of it, I mean, IDEAS about how to train your dog.  Um, isn’t that why we went to PetSmart?  I’m hoping we can take that training and apply it to Lexi without having to pay for PetSmart again.  We did have a great trainer for Luke – his full time job is elephant trainer at the Zoo!!  I really liked him.

I will stop by later this week to give everyone in cyberspace an update!!

And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm.

Kurt’s Birthday Week

Our Spring Break sure was busier than planned.  Kurt’s birthday was fun and the Lego Stop-Motion Movie Making kit was a big hit.  Now I just need to download Windows Movie Maker so that he can load everything onto my laptop instead of doing transfers to Kristen’s.  I spent the day making Kurt’s requested foods:  Waffles for breakfast (Um, Mom, I like the old kind better) with sausage.  Lunch ( a late lunch because I had to run errands) was broccoli potato pancakes and smoked sausage – yum.  Supper was sliders with french fries.  And the final touch . . . .

Kurt's Ninjago birthday cake

the Lego Ninjago cake.  Kristen did a great job, but we forgot to put the eyebrows on.

The next day was a shopping trip with the girls that scored their Easter outfits and jewelry.  I even found a shirt to wear with my outfit.

Thursday brought us to Lexi’s Gotcha Day.

Lexi with Kurt

Meet our newest addition . . . Lexi!  She’s named in honor of our friend Penny’s German Shepherd that was kicked by a horse and had complications and had to be put down.  Penny has the most awesome dogs and when we saw Lexi and how German Shepherd she looks we had to name her after our friend’s dog.  She’s 1/2 boxer, 1/4 German Shepherd, 1/4 Norwegian Elk Hound.  She is a real cuddle bug.  Her favorite place is curled up beside you getting her oh-so-soft head rubbed.

Luke didn’t know what to think at first but he’s coming around quickly and Lexi is teaching him how to be a dog instead of a person.

Luke learning to play with Lexi

Lexi teaching Luke to wrestle

Right now she looks like a donut hole on her big round bed, but it won’t be long before she looks like the cream cheese covering the bagel.  I can’t believe I was once so adamant against another dog.  Of course, I cant’ believe I was once so adamant against ANY dog!

Lexi big yawn!

Lexi sleepy

I have a picture of Luke in this same position as a puppy.  They’re the same size in the pictures but they wont’ stay that way for long!!

Saturday found us at the bowling alley for Kurt’s party and he and the boys had a wonderful time.  I have a great picture of them, but don’t want to put other people’s children online without their consent.  It’s a wonderful momento for Kurt of his first official birthday party.

And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm

Doggy Talk

I overheard this conversation Thursday night.

Lexi (shut into a cage for the first time in her life): “Help!  Help! Let me out!”

Luke (adjusting to a sibling after being a solo act for 2 1/2 years): “Be quiet, Kid.”

Lexi: “Help!  Please let me out! I’ll be good! I promise!”

Luke: “Shut up!”


Luke:  “I said, ‘SHUT UP’!”

Lexi:  “Help ME!  I’m going to DIIIIEEEEE!”

Luke (growling menacingly):  “I said, ‘SHUT UP’ or I’m going to hurt you!”


Meanwhile upstairs:

Mom (to a sleeping child): “What happened to ‘I’ll sleep downstairs with her’?”

Child:  “There’s nothing I can do to make her stop!”

Mom (threw gritted teeth):  “Go downstairs and let her out of the crate and curl up with her on the floor!”

Two minutes later all barking/whining stops for the night.


Fast forward to Sunday night:

Mom (exhausted from a long day of two church services and bickering children on the way home):  “Come on Lexi, outside to go potty so I can go to bed.”

Lexi (conveniently going potty on Mom’s sleeping bag):  “I went potty!”

Mom (very angry):  “NO! NO! NO!!  Now I have to take the sleeping bag to the laundry mat tomorrow and I have enough to do on Monday.”

Lexi:  “But you said, ‘Go potty!”

Mom (angrily setting up a new bed):  “Into the crate with you, Miss Piddles, it’s Night-Night time.  And don’t expect much sympathy from me.  You can cry all night long for all I care.”

Lexi (locked in cage, lights out, Mom tucked into the other sleeping bag): “Help!  Mom, let me out!”

Luke (lying down between Mom and Lexi in the cage):  “Grrrrrrrr.”

Lexi lies down and whimpers

Mom:  “Thanks, buddy.  You’re a good puppy.”

Lexi (whining):  “Please?”

Luke (leaping up and facing the crate):  “GRRRRRRRR.”

Lexi whimpers

Luke lays down by Mom’s legs

Lexi whines

Luke raises his head and growls low in his throat

Lexi flops down in the crate and sleeps through the night.


And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm