It’s been a long week that went really fast – is that an oxymoron?  Long but fast?

Kurt had swim lessons this week, so we were up and out of the house at 10am Monday – Thursday.  You would think that 10am wouldn’t be a problem – especially if you’re laughing yourself silly because you leave at 6 or 7am every morning.  Let’s just say that I’m 17 years out of practice at leaving the house every morning looking presentable to the world.  And then there is the warm, cozy pool atmosphere that makes me very sleepy.  So, here I am nodding over Winston Churchill at 11am!  Good grief.  Or was it good night?

We survived and this morning found me out the door at 10am to grocery shop.  Why is it when you cut back to regular weekly shopping from the once-a-month monster shop that it still took 4 hours?  I did take Kristen’s pretty blue guitar in to be re-strung and the nice fella said to give her a hard time about not wiping the finger prints and smudges off the guitar EVERY time she uses it.  He was good natured about it really – they like her there since she took lessons from one of their staff.

Joel and I did our Chipotle and Sam’s Club date tonight and stopped at Home Depot (to look at little copper solar post tops for the deck that Joel is refinishing) and ended up buying two plum trees on clearance.  We planted them in a gentle rain tonight and are really happy with the purchase.

I’ve been working on getting the schoolroom switched over for the new year – the kids decided they want to start on August 20th.  Karra wants to finish at the end of May and I’d really like to actually wrap up the other two by June 12.  It’s going to be a very full year and everyone is going to need Mom to be involved.  Good thing I’m on the anti-depressant and feeling so much more in control and in the present.  Tomorrow is the day to get the bookcase inside – the one my Grandpa built.  I mopped (don’t faint) the schoolroom while I have all of the old bookshelves out.  The room is so sparkly right now.  I have two big boxes of books waiting to be unpacked and eager kids ready to see their cubbies full.  Hard as it is, I LOVE HOMESCHOOLING!

The animals are all doing well.  We love listening to Brik in the mornings.  A farm just isn’t a farm without a rooster crowing in the morning.  He’s so gentle and calls to the girls and helps them find little treats in the grass.  Sadly, two of Kristen’s three Ameracuana’s are roosters.  One of them we’ve named Eaglet and he’s a reddish and white (really pretty, but not good tempered) and he is already getting rough with my Buff Orpingtons.  The other is a pretty black and white and much calmer.  Kristen wants to try to sell him before we take the two roosters and the geriatric chickens to the butcher in the fall.  I can’t believe I’m going to give Sarah the ax, but I know that there will be other favorite chickens and it will be easier to save them if they’ve been part of the main flock all along.  The old girls just aren’t giving enough eggs to justify continuing to feed them.  I’m okay with it now, but the first morning I go out and there are no old chickens to feed and no Sarah to let out, I’m sure I’ll cry.

And I end my jumbles with the news that Karra’s BFF got married yesterday in Texas.  Good old military planning/necessities canceled the pretty wedding and opportunity to be a maid-of-honor.  The bride will be coming home on Monday and joining her groom in September – in Germany – once he’s out of tech school.  It’s bad enough when your own kids grow up too fast, but do their friends have to do it too?  I’ve known her since she was in her Mommy’s tummy!  Despite the fact that they are young, it is a match made in Heaven.  God has moved in so many ways and brought such growth to these young people in the last year.  I know that they are going to have a truly wonderful life together.

And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm.