Torpedo at Christmas 2015
Torpedo at Christmas 2015

Happy New Year, Blogosphere!

I have to admit that this is a tough post for me to write..  I’ve had something here in the first 3 days of a brand new year that I think will affect my year going forward in a big way – life changing?  Maybe.  It wasn’t a death or a major tragedy (something I won’t share in detail), but it has kind of given me a kick in the pants to post more, but more specifically to be more intentional with relationships.  I don’t spend enough time with friends IRL and I had already planned to make changes in that area, but this pushes me forward.  How often do we cruise along in our too busy lives and not really notice our own friends?  Everyone approaches relationships differently based on their own needs for community and acceptance (thank you for that insight Bonnie’s Bits &  Pieces).  It’s so easy to assume that everyone else is as busy as you are and they know everyone else is busy and to assume that all is well and just, well, busy.  We don’t stop to think that they hurt.  That our neglect (however unintended) is hurtful to them because their needs for community and acceptance are different than ours.  Y’know the saying, “If you love someone, tell them today.”  As my Pastor says, “Tomorrow is promised to no man.”  So, I have some relationships to work on in 2016.  Making time with dear friends; paying attention to the little details with my online friends; and calling my Mom more often – even though she knows and understands how busy my life is!!

As I’ve reviewed 2015 and gotten my blogging stats, I must say that I regressed in my blogging.  Another sign of a too busy life!  I do tend to turn over a new leaf and then paint it to match the rest so I don’t recognize it!!

I have a couple of DIMS Day projects to post and new barn kittens to write about!   Kristen has qualified for IEA Regionals along with the high school team this year, so there will be exciting posts ahead as we focus in on making it to Nationals in Kentucky.  Karra completed her first semester of college with straight A’s!  And she was worried about this college thing.  Kurt is hitting puberty (though he doesn’t realize it yet) and starting to take responsibility seriously.  His plan for 2016 is to stay on top of things.  Oh, my!  Just what I need – another kid that’s really with it 😀

My own word for 2016 is Responsible.  I’m going to strive to be more responsible in all areas.  I have simple goals for the year and if I’m just responsible in those areas, I know I’ll see some success.

Lose 2 pounds a month – doesn’t that seem doable at the beginning of the year?  Weight train 3 times a week and walk for 30 minutes everyday – of course the weather got cold now!

Re-establish a cleaning routine for my house!  That seems daunting at any time of the year!!

To craft for 1-2 hours a day 4-5 days a week which will shrink my project pile and get me on the way to setting up an etsy shop after my own heart.

These 2 might be TMI, but they are important for my mental/physical well being – to take a soaking bath once a month! And stop sleeping in old t-shirts.  Okay, the last one might be more for my husband lol!  We don’t always realize (until we are on the recovery side of depression) how much we’ve let slip in the care and keeping of us.  Sleeping in old, cast-off clothes and not letting myself soak in the tub at my leisure are ways that I threw myself aside.  I’d like to pick me up and dust myself off and put me back on the important side.

I’m also really working on goals and accomplishing them this year.  I’ve signed up for an online course in goal setting called Make Over Your Year through MoneySavingMom.com   I think registration is open through tomorrow or Tuesday.  I’m excited to see if I can stick with the course for all 4 weeks!  I purchased her 1 week Make Over Your Mornings course and only got through 3 days!  Can anyone say too busy?

So there it is for 2016.  Lots of personal goals and some fun things on the hobby farm I’m sure.  I really do want to be here more.  And I want to hear from my handful of readers.  Let’s talk to each other!  I’ll try to be available (especially now that Kurt has his own computer and won’t be swiping my laptop to play Minecraft 24/7!) much more often.  I’m not touching that new leaf about blogging though, uh uh – too many painted leaves in that pile already!

And That’s What’s Reflecting on the Pond on this cold January night.


Happy New Year! 2015

Hey, I got the day right on time!  I hope everyone has had a good celebration.  We’re taking it pretty low key today.  We’ll take down the Christmas decorations and do a good dusting.  I’ll have to wash the white glass collection above the stove – it gets very nasty greasy and dusty in the course of the year (and maybe someday I’ll wash everything twice a year, but this isn’t someday!).  I have a ham to put in the oven later and I’ll make scalloped potatoes and peas.  I even made a breakfast casserole this morning only to discover that someone spilled something greasy in the bottom of the oven and didn’t clean it up – can anyone say “smoke filled house?”

I’m very pleased to say that I have already taken 2 projects completely off of the 2015 sewing/craft list and have 2 more in progress.  Those gray Spiderman sleep pants that I couldn’t do for Karra turned out really cute for Kurt and I still had to put red cuffs on the bottom of them!

I set out to make over a filing cabinet that was collecting dust in the basement and after looking at pictures on pinterest I decided to decorate it a little.  That decision (and running out of primer) turned it into a cost-something project instead of a completely free with what I have make over.  I found a perfect peel and stick laminate on line and went through a lengthy rant against Walmart when I couldn’t get it (I will NOT share said rant because I chose to leave it and the anger behind me in 2014).  Yesterday I set out to find a less expensive (than $5.87) alternative.  $4 in scrapbook paper later, I have two choices and I’m struggling to decide which paper to use.  I also had to buy a protective sealant to put on the finished project, but I’m still very excited.  I also found woven bins to put inside the drawers to make it into a cabinet rather than a filing system.  And those were 50% off ( a two-for-one deal) and they match a basket I have in the living room to keep my knitting & stitching projects in.  I am so excited to share the project with you when it’s done!  And since we’ve exceeded our Excede it will be mid month before I can upload pictures anyway and I figure another week or so to get the cabinet finished.

It is Arctic cold here for a few days, but we might actually see some snow on Sunday.  We’ll see.  I will however welcome the warmer weather on Saturday and the rain that will fill the water troughs for me!

Have a blessed day celebrating today and if you’re a lucky one that has pay TV and can enjoy the Bowl Games, cheer a few for me – ROLL TIDE!!

And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm.