Murphy’s Law

Isn’t it just like good ole Murphy to disrupt your New Year’s Resolutions?  I had this grand list of things I was going to start implementing on Monday:  treadmill time, more school focus, sewing or crafting for 30 minutes a day, blogging at least once a week (aren’t you sick of me already?), a menu plan, cleaning for 15 minutes a day – preferably something I don’t like to clean like my bathroom!  And so on Friday Mr. Murphy stops by and I get slammed with a nasty cold.  At first I thought it was a return of the near bronchitis from before Thanksgiving, but it has taken on the flow of a bad, bad cold.  As it turns out most of the people at the birthday party we went to on New Year’s Day ended up with a really nasty cold.  Ah, thanks, Murphy.

Now, I have been doing a fair amount of work on Kurt’s Christmas stocking (crafting – woohoo!) and I did start a menu plan complete with a surprise apple pie for today (and now Dear Joel is home from work because of the Arctic Blast we are enduring; so much for my surprise).  I haven’t touched the treadmill or a cleaning rag and school hasn’t started back up either.  Karra had asked for a sick day yesterday since She-Who-is-Never-Sick caught this bug by spending so much time with her BFF & family (the birthday party folks 😉 ).  And with Daddy home from work today school won’t be happenin’.  I’m okay with that and easing back into things starting on Wednesday.  And I’m even okay with easing into my list of resolutions and decisions that affect my day-to-day life in 2014.  Which brings me to my point (bet you thought I didn’t have one!):

Deciding to make changes that improve your life, health, day-to-day living, and so forth don’t have to happen on a certain date on the calendar.  Murphy’s Law isn’t going anywhere.  Once you make up your mind to do something. just do it.  Take that first step that leads to the journey of a thousand miles – preferably on the treadmill to avoid the kind of weather we’re having!  So what if my new resolutions and changes start on January 12th instead of the 6th or the 1st, as long as I start them.  As long as I’m putting one foot in front of the other, then I’m going to go forward.  I remember in high school being forced to read, oh, I’m sorry, reading about Benjamin Franklin and his quest to better his character.  Every month for a year he focused on a different character trait.  Did he nail them all?  Nope.  Did he succeed wildly beyond his hopes?  Probably not.  But he tried.  And he felt that in many of those areas he did indeed improve his character.  So, if I clean for 15 minutes a day every day, my house will NEVER be clean.  Yours might, but not mine.  However, if I spend those 15 minutes every day in that bathroom it WILL get clean and then 10 minutes (or less) every day will KEEP it clean and I can move those spare minutes somewhere else.  20 minutes a day on the treadmill for 5 days a week isn’t the recommended 30 minutes a day 6 days a week – but it will fit into my schedule.  Let’s face it, I have to shower AFTER that time on the treadmill and being a girl that can take FOREVER and we’re now talking about a good hour of my morning.  But I know my body well enough to know that 20 minutes 5 days a week will bring me to the point where I can start running on the treadmill and that 20 minutes of running takes me just over a mile – and 3-5 miles a week?  That’s AWESOME!  That starts making the weight disappear a few ounces at a time every day.

So, I embrace the journey even if it is starting a week later than planned.  And ole Murphy?  He can grab my shirt tail and enjoy the ride, or he can sit in my dust (of which I have plenty to spare) – I don’t care.  I’m going forward.

And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm