Hello August!

I thought I should welcome the month before it disappears like July did.  I can’t even say that time is flying because we’re having fun – it’s just flying!!!

I know I promised the picture of the rainbow and I think I have a couple of others that need to be shared, but we’ve exceeded our Excede for the month and we’re on slow internet.  I’ve been up since before 5am this morning and could have loaded the pictures – except I discovered after turning the lights on and talking to the dogs and starting the coffee pot that the nephews were sleeping in the living room instead of upstairs like I thought. – Grrr.

So, I turned the lights off and tried to keep Lexi quiet, an impossible task.  She goes outside and announces to the world, ok, the neighborhood, that she’s up and going potty now.  Then she has to talk to her echo – carrying on a conversation with herself, just like a woman 🙂  And then she has to find a bone and play with it on the linoleum (I HATE that stuff by the way) thud, thunk, thud, thunk.  Come on, Lexi, it’s 5:30 in the morning and the boys are TIRED!!!

Joel’s brother came down with his boys yesterday and they took all of the kids “kayiyaking” and then all of them except Kristen went to see “Guardians of the Galaxy”.  Kris and I stayed home and watched “The Avengers” for the umpteenth time.  So, the majority of the people around here are worn out from fresh air and exercise.  Me?  I couldn’t sleep because of my back.

Why does my back hurt?  Well . . . . I’m not sure initially.  It was a little sore and I thought oh, I’ve tweaked a muscle, what’s new.  Then on Wednesday (or was it Tuesday) Kristen and I cleaned out the workshop of all of the spoiled, wet, wasted  hay and the lambing jug mess and moved the jug over into the new barn.  As I’m playing She-Rah and hauling the stall mat – those things weight a TON, ok, 80 lbs – I got it outside of the workshop and tripped, landing straight down on my knees on a chain lying in the grass.  (Kristen very courteously did NOT laugh out loud until later in the evening when we were talking about it).  Now, my knees are currently a beautiful shade of black and yellow and still sore to the touch, but I think hauling the 80 lb. mat might not have been so good for my back.  Then on Wednesday we put together the wood table that we got 2 years ago from some friends (it’s been lying in the basement and then I used it for the garage sale and then it sat in the garage for 6 weeks and it’s been lying back in the basement in pieces for 2 weeks).  We pushed and struggled to get the slightly damp pieces in place and Kristen screwed them together – she did all of the hard work, but MY back still felt a little sore.  AND yesterday while the family went kayiyaking I mopped the floor and cleaned my bathroom (pick yourselves up off of the floor), went grocery shopping (THE NEW MEIJER OPENED ON THURSDAY AND I AM SO EXCITED!) and lifted softner salt bags into the van, hauled groceries, unloaded the salt from the van and the groceries and put them away and walked the dogs – that counts since Luke is a leash puller.  Every time I rolled over last night I could feel my back, so I got up early only to discover the nephews sleeping in the living room.

On the bright side, the lambing jug looks great in the barn, Kristen hung my This Barn is Blessed sign that she made for me for Christmas (on the side of Joshua’s stall and I can see it from the house), we got the table put together and the bunnies moved out to the barn.  I scared the daylights out of Champ when I waltzed in to let the sheep out yesterday; the poor little guy knocked his feed container right off the cage he was so scared.  I did feel bad.  I have 10 loaves of zucchini bread in the freezer (not all from this week) and I made pickle relish for the first time – nobody told me to drain the stuff first so there’s a lot of liquid in the jar.  I figure that will help improve the taste and we can drain it when we open the jar – IF Joel will even eat.   AND I have Karra’s Official High School Transcript completed and all of the class descriptions typed except for 3 that I remembered in the middle of the night Thursday.  We’re off to visit another college on Monday. Hi Ho Hi Ho it’s off to colleges we go!

And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm.

How About Some Christmas Pictures? And other odds and ends

I finally got the pictures off my camera and onto the computer.  How about a share?  Let’s start with the leaning Christmas tree!

Christmas Tree 2013

Christmas Tree (the leaning tree) 2013

Is that funny or what?  I got a good laugh every time I came down the stairs and looked at the leaning tower of Christmas tree.  It was perfectly straight at the base, but, oh boy, did it look ready to topple over as the trunk went up.  And the kids said MOM couldn’t pick out a tree.  I guess I’ve won my job back!!

Next let’s look at the gifts the girls made for me.  Karra put together this board full of all the things I love.

Christmas 2013 The Mom Board from Karra 

The little white dog surrounded by sheep looks just like Hunter – I almost cried.  And the little tri-color puppy, that’s my future Bernese Mountain Dog, Tessa.  Karra found the words to “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” with Yankees instead of the “home team” because we all know that the Yankees are my absolute 2nd favorite team – after the WHITE SOX.  Ah, good guys where black (Sox) and pinstripes.   In case you can’t really see the picture (ha ha) there are lots of cows, bumble bees, quotes, MICHIGAN, snowmen, Christmas pictures & a quote – from my two favorite Christmas movies, baby chicks, NASCAR, the NHL team logos, Phil 4:13 (for Pete’s sake – that’s a Mitford thing).  And my favorite, my absolute favorite (see the coffee cup?) “I think, therefore I’ve had my COFFEE.  Oh, does my child know me so well.   This board will be prominently displayed in my beautiful newly organized sewing room (just as soon as the Arctic Freeze is over and it doesn’t take a solid hour of the heater to warm up my cubby hole).

And then I unwrapped Kristen’s gift.  I knew that she had taken a lid from one of the duck crates (that never got made over to house the ducks – quack) and I knew that she had made something for me from it, but for the life of me I couldn’t think what in the world she would have painted for me and WHERE in the world would I put it??

Christmas 2013 The Barn Sign from Kristen

And that just about sums up how we feel about our 1/2 built barn and all of its occupants.  I can’t wait to put it up in the feed room this summer.  I’d hang it on the big sliding door to the hay bay if Joel would let me put holes in the siding (which he won’t – I can guarantee it!!)  🙂

Now, let’s see what else I have in the media library . . .

IMG_0452 IMG_0453


These cute little snowballs aren’t really snowballs and we didn’t make them.  They’re called snow cylinders.  We were hearing about them on the news and we looked out the back windows and saw that we had some of our very own in the pasture and on the pond – how cool is that?  They are made when the wind drives the snow in a straight line and it starts to roll up like a carpet.  We don’t normally get winds strong enough in Ohio to create this phenomenon (or snow that is that dry).

And for my last picture, let’s take a look at Honeysuckle.  She’s our sweet little Katahdin lamb that we thought was going to be a first time Mommy over the weekend, but is still holding on to her baby.  I personally can’t blame her because, HELLO!!!!! it’s COLD around here.  She’s technically due today, what  a birthday present, huh?  Here she is in the lambing jug (which you can’t see very well because I took a close up picture of her – silly me).


And all of that is What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm.