Not the Update I Wanted

We have been so busy lately.  This past weekend was the first one I’ve spent at home all month – the first weekend without a horse show.  It was fun, but I was ready for being home.  I have pictures and they are awesome and stories and they are amazing!  And I wanted to post them today!

But today didn’t turn out to be a happy blogging kind of day.

We finished lambing season with 7 babies: twins, two singles and triplets.  The twins have been on bottles and of course we got attached to them.  Yesterday Tipsy wasn’t taking his bottles and was getting bloated.  We took him to the vet for an ultrasound that showed some gas, but not intestinal blockage.  He took some half bottles, but still didn’t poop.  Another ultrasound and the gas and build up were very obvious.  Something was blocking his ability to poop.  The choices were surgery or sleep.  We had to put him down.  It was so hard.  It’s been two years since we lost a lamb and we thought we had cleared the hurdles this year.  It’s been tough.  Kristen has shed so many tears today.  Her friends have been the greatest and so encouraging and supportive.  Little Tina is a bit lost without her brother.  I’m hoping that she’ll get into the pen with the other sheep and cuddle up with Daisy’s baby, Misty.

I’ll try to get the horse show pictures together (most of them are on my phone) this week.  Next week is spring break, but I’m booked for half of it with Kurt’s birthday and the Midwest Homeschool Convention.

As I encouraged Kristen this afternoon, she had plenty of ‘whys’ running around inside of her.  It’s so easy to ask why.   Why him?  Why us again?  What did he do, he’s just a baby?  Why would God let this happen?  I honestly had such peace today.  I haven’t cried a single tear.  I had to encourage Kristen to just keep trusting God.  We don’t understand how this could possible work together for good.  We don’t see His big picture.  If it hurt us so much to see an innocent animal suffer and die, how must it break God’s heart when an innocent child is ripped from its mother’s womb – the place He created to knit that child together?

We are fearfully and wonderfully made.  ALL of God’s creation is fearfully and wonderfully made.  We have been given such a privilege to love His creatures, to nurture and care and steward His creation.  I am so blessed to love these animals.  I am so blessed to love my children.

Thanks for listening to our happenings and my reflections.

Joy! . . .Unspeakable Joy!

I dreamed last night that Honey finally had her baby and I was there to watch!  Out came a little boy with brown circles around his eyes.  NOT!

When we checked her last night at 10pm her udder was bigger than it had been in the morning – and I could see it across the room yesterday morning!  I woke up at 4am and thought I should go check on Honey and then promptly went back to sleep.  I got up at 6am and went out to the workshop.  I walked in and kept the flashlight on the floor so that I didn’t break my neck and I heard the tiniest little bleet followed by a Mommy low that said, “All is well.”

Oh, gloriotski!!!  And then I caught my breath because this was the prettiest little baby lamb I have ever seen (and we though Daisy was a pretty darn cute little baby!).  All I could do was stare and wonder and shed a tear or two because this tiny, precious life was finally here and perfect.

I waited about 10 minutes or so trying to make sure the baby had nursed.  Honey kept moving in a circle whenever the baby got close to the teat, but I finally heard a little “slurp, slurp” and so I went in to get Kristen.  I woke her up by saying, “I know what you’re going to be doing today!”.  Her eyes flew open in confusion.  “She had the baby!”  That brought Kristen out of bed in a tizzy.  Somehow from the pile of clothes on her floor she found a top piece and a bottom piece and down we came.  Out we went with cameras in hand.

We were still ooohing and aaaahing over the baby when Joel came out.  He (who is FINALLY home for good) was on his way to work early.  He admired the baby with us and started the bigger propane heater to get the temperature up above freezing.  Kristen and I had seen the baby pee so we knew we had a little girl.  And I am so glad because her coat is two beautiful to even THINK about butchering down the road.   She definitely looks like her Daddy!

I asked Kristen what she’s going to name the baby and she said, “Well, I told Joy (her friend at church)  if the baby was born today that I would name a girl Joy because it’s her birthday this week.”

So, say hello to Joy Valentine Joshua.

Joy at rest

Meet Joy!

Joy standing up with Mommy

Joy looks like her Daddy

Joy posing

Joy standing up with Mommy

We couldn’t be happier or prouder of our Honeysuckle and Joshua.  The did good work!

And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm!!

Wrapping Up

Well, I’d love to say that I have something profound to post at the year’s end, but my brain is coming up blank.  I think it’s a lack of alone time 🙂

I’ve made a few minor appearance adjustments to my blog (not that you would notice them, but I know they are there).  I’m not very techno savvy, so any little thing is a big deal to me!

I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts a little more next year and tackling some projects one step at a time.  I still need to work on a goals list for the coming year, but with a press of cleaning and suddenly 3 New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day engagements, I don’t think I’ll have time until about the 4th of 5th of January!  Of course, better late than never, right?

I also need to post pictures of our lambing jug as we prepare for HoneySuckle’s baby to come near my birthday.  We succeeded in using things we had on hand for the main pen and only need to buy 2 stall mats and some bedding to have her all set.  She’ll be nice and cozy in the workshop and we’ll add a jacket to baby and a heat lamp if needed.  Kristen will be avoiding her schoolwork to spend lots of time with them and to bring Joshua and Daisy in for visits.  I can’t believe it’s really happening and we’ll be on lamb watch before we know it!

I guess that’s my little bit of rambling this morning.  I’ll see ya’ll next year!

And That’s What’s Happening on the Homestead.

New additions

Well we’ve had Joshua since May when he was a month old and now he’s three months old and we’ve started weaning him.  Here is our precious herd ram!  He’s a very cappaccino colored Katahdin.

Joshua 2 months old 6-13

And then this morning SugarBelle blessed us with her precious first calf – a little black heifer like herself that we’ve named LibertyBelle in honor of the month of July.  Here’s little Libby at less than an hour old!

Sugar and LibertyBelle 3

Mama and baby are doing great – except for those dratted flies!!  Sugar did wonderful all by herself and out in the pasture (maybe because she had shoved her stall door closed and doesn’t know how to open it??).  We are very proud of her and so grateful that God answered our prayers for a vet free delivery.  (Don’t get me wrong; I really like our vet and she has been a life saver on more than one occasion.)   And now that I know how much easier it is to pull pictures onto here than onto photobucket, I should be blogging more lol!

And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm!!