Almost a Month Later…..

We are finally getting some much needed rain tonight. Things have been so very dry here. Despite the dryness, or maybe because of it, my jalapeno peppers have been quite prolific. We’ve been drying them in batches to reconstitute when the the tomatoes finally ripen and we can make salsa. My cucumbers are also ready […]

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Photo Montage

Life has continued at a breakneck pace here at the Happy Palace. I’ll update with photos which include a new winner from the Queen of DIY as well as DIMS from me; the garden and the kittens! First, the DIY Queen. We gave a baby shower for two couples that were in our old Life […]

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Meow Meow Meow x 2

Rosemary (the baby herself) had SIX kittens yesterday!! She was a real trooper and handled everything like an old pro. We’re so proud of her. Since this will be her only litter, I guess she wanted to do it right. I kept hoping there were only 2 or 3 kittens since she’s so young, but […]

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Oh, It Finally Snowed . . .

(And Luke smells like a wet manure dog.)  Ugh.  Hold your breath!   I made the kids take the dogs out in the snow and just romp around.  Very successful as one kid and two dogs are now sound asleep. Finally, on the 12th day of January half way through the winter of 2015-2016, we […]

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One Week In

One week in to 2016 and I’m discovering new flaws in myself. 😀  I LOVE making goals, collecting ideas and then throwing up my hands at the overwhelment!   I know, not a word.  I’m failing miserably at the 365 Declutter challenge – I have a donation spot and I bought a pretty notebook to […]

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