I Can’t Possibly Hurt This Much

Ah, Monday.  The weather was beautifully pleasant and above freezing!  So, I decided to take Lexi to the metro park for a walk.  Karra just HAD to come (even though she was there to run in the morning) and she brought Luke.  Dogs.  Park.  People.  BAD IDEA!  The walk itself was wonderful – the same 3 miles that Karra had run earlier that day.  It was really pleasant and a part of the park I’d never been in before.  The dogs were pretty good too (on the first half of the walk).  Once Luke got tired, he stopped pulling on the leash and walked quite well.  He did have to pee on every stick he saw;  must be a guy thing.  Merrily we walked along to the half way point where we would turn around and head back.  And then the people started appearing out of the asphalt.  And Lexi was firmly convinced that she must eat, or at least threaten to eat all people, bikers, joggers, etc. that she saw.  By the time we walked the mile and a half back to the car I could hardly hold onto her anymore.  She definitely needs a gentle leader to control the lunging and carrying on.  But the walk felt so good!  And I was so glad that I went in spite of the ginormous cramp in my calf.

Tuesday morning my body wanted to know what possessed me to exercise in the first place and to take a 3 mile walk with dogs in the second place.   I MUST have been insane!!  My right hip flexor hardly worked and my shins felt like they’d been kicked by all 3 cows multiple times.  I hobbled and groaned every time I got up and had to literally lurch forward to get myself going.  The only reason I can think of for the hip pain is how many times I had to plant my leg to brace myself against Lexi and haul her back.  My oldest brother texted me a Happy Birthday picture with his new grandson (he’s always a couple days early with my birthday, but it’s the thought that counts, right?) and I had to tell him I actually feel older now.  I hurt in places that haven’t hurt for 20 years!!!!

Oh, but that walk felt so good and I can’t wait to do it again.  Sadly, Karra will not be able to accompany me anymore.  She works tomorrow and Saturday and I have to grocery shop on Friday and she starts her new grown up job next Monday.  Her childhood is officially over on Feb. 1st.  The next time I get a chance to walk – maybe tomorrow – I’ll take Luke along since he tires out like I do and doesn’t feel the need to eat the local populace.

Oh, Lord, my poor shins are killing me!!!!

And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm.


Pred is NOT my friend!

Prednisone has let me down this time. I still feel up and I’m not needing as much sleep as usual, but yesterday the appetite kicked up BIG time and I ate like a house afire. I weighed myself this morning and I’d lost a pound! And then I ate like a house afire again today – ugh. Now my tummy hurts from eating not so good for me food because of the salt craving followed by the sugar craving.

And I think my tummy muscles hurt from moving the bookcase by myself yesterday morning. Right now when I should be dropping off to sleep I’m having a terrible case of the tummy hurts – on two fronts – and it’s all Pred’s fault!!