I’m not perfect, and it’s okay

I was reading over at the Heavenly Homemakers today and she posted with this title:

I Haven’t Been a Perfect Homeschool Mom, and It Stinkin’ Doesn’t Matter

It was a great article.  No one is going to be perfect at anything.  Our kids are going to have gaps.  The important thing is that they know HOW to learn.  They know where to go to get information.  I needed to hear it.  I’ve been thinking for two years now that I’ve short-changed Karra in her education.  There are so many things I haven’t done and now college is breathing in our face.  I haven’t got a clue where to go to look for scholarships.  I start a search and get brain-disease at the dizzying array of places to look and things to consider.  She found on her own on the college boards website that she can type in her major and they bring up scholarship opportunities.  What a girl!!

Anyway, I typed a reply to Laura’s post and then felt that it was more my own blogging than an appropriate response to her post.  So, here it is.  Not long, but my thoughts.

How do you always seem to know what I’m thinking?  Maybe because I also have a child whose life goes around in run-on sentences with no punctuation or capitalization and the most comical of spellings you have ever encountered.!

 I’m a little afraid of the upcoming SAT, yet my oldest is a bright and articulate girl.  College classes loom large – “Do we jump into an online class next semester? A campus class next summer? Wait until fall?  Will she REALLY get a scholarship and be able to go to college?  What about run-on sentence girl?  She wants to be a vet!  She’s not my brightest book learner.  Do you know what kind of grades you need to get into vet school??!!??  It’s harder than medical school.” 

 Ok, Fletch, just breathe deep.  Laura hit the nail on the head.  Everyone has gaps, but all of my children know how to learn.  Ultimately, God is in control of their education.  “My children will be taught of the Lord and great will be the peace of my children.” – Isaiah 54:13

I thought it was some of my more articulate writing, so I didn’t want to loose it – lol.  Anyway, everything she said in her article was right on.  Just because we’ve chosen to educate our children ourselves doesn’t mean they will have a perfect education, no one can.  There will always be people who do things better.  People who have a better handle on HOW to do things.  It doesn’t make me less of a parent; it just means I’m different than anyone else (something my oldest would attest to loud and clear!!).

And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm.