The Countdown Heats Up

Well, here we are one week til Christmas!  The projects are very close to being finished.  I know I’ve promised pictures – especially of the Christmas cards – & I will get them posted.  I promise; really, I will.

I’ve been on a hunt for 1/8″ ribbon in coneflower blue.  Ugh, it is hard to find!!  It’s really the only color that will work for this particular (4 year late) project.  I’ve found it in 5/8″ but I really NEED it much narrower.  I was pretty sure that I had ordered it online, but it is no where to be found in the sewing room or even online anymore.  Grrrr.

I’ll be putting together my Mom’s gift today (I can’t remember if she subscribes to my blog so I’d better not say what it is) and I’m really excited about it.  I’ve also been online shopping trying to help my Mom find a winter coat.  She wants a long dress coat preferably a trench coat with a zip out lining.  OMGosh they are impossible to find!!  I’ve looked everywhere I can think of or google to no avail.  I have found a couple of nice stores for plus sized women’s clothes (my Mom, not me), but alas my dear Mum doesn’t shop online 😦

The last project I’ll be working on is a sleeping bag for Kurt’s Build-A-Bear dog, Boe.  Boe sleeps on his pillow with Kurt’s nursery blanket over him.  In the summer when Kurt has the fan on, the blanket will often slip off and Boe’s little puppy bum gets cold; so, a sleeping bag is in order!  John Deere of course to go with my little future farmer’s bedroom.  I hope my younger children never outgrow their love of the stuffed animals.  It just about broke my heart when Karra refused to keep talking to her Webkins.  Chuckles and Rascal were such good friends of ours!  Ah, well, I’ll always have Present around to inspire me.

Kristen has asked me to help her sew a shirt for herself, so after Christmas it will be time to teach my daughter to tackle a grown up, wearable project.  Granted she’s make a couple of things already, but this will be a real go at it.  It’s going to be fun.  I was about 15 the first time I sewed a dress for myself –   and it wasn’t an easy pattern either!  It had edge sewing on the front placket and that was in the days before the edge trim stitch foot!  Oy vey, I thought I’d kill my Grandma before I got that done.  She was such a stickler for perfection!  But, the dress turned out great – I wore it for Easter that year – and I still loved my Grandma.  (The relationship was again strained when she bought a cross-stitch wedding announcement for me to do for my cousin and the the entire bride’s veil was covered in French knots!!!  Oh, how I hated French knots –  but I got so good at them by the end of that project that I really like them now.  I think she had a hidden agenda).

I promise the next time I come back – before Christmas – I will share pictures.  The girls are making Christmas cookies this weekend!  And Saturday is the Blue Jackets/Black Hawks game – we are very excited.

And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm.