DIMS Day!!

I did it! Mostly by myself. I transformed the cluttered schoolroom into a slightly neater and less messy space. First, I removed the old short bookshelves – 4 of them, and the rolling cart of paint supplies, and the 3 buckets of wheat berries, and the chairs, and the cases of water, AND the towel drying rack and put them all into the living room. Then I swept and mopped the floor.

Now I had a clean space to work with and no I didn’t take before pictures – sorry, I’m new at this.

And then when I woke up at 4am on Saturday and my brain was buzzing with the fact that we had people coming over at noon and the dining room was all in the living room – eeks – I got up and dealt with the doggies and then started thinking and deciding and measuring. Then I moved the bookcase that my Grandpa made from the garage up the sidewalk (in a gentle mist) and up the two steps to the front door. It was now out of the rain and I went around and back into the house. When I opened the door to bring the bookcase in Lexi started her mad dash outside – except there was a big wall blocking her!

I lifted the bookcase inside and moved it into the dining room and up against the far wall where 3 smaller bookshelves had been and it looks right at home. Then I arranged the wheat buckets to the right and the water back to it’s usual home on the left. I placed two of the newer smaller bookshelves along the front wall to serve as a Bible & supplies catchall and a teacher bookshelf. All of the IGs and answer keys in one small bookcase. More room on the big one to move out the girls’ Cores from last year!



Last, but not least, I put the kids’ black cubbies on top of the new bookcase and they look so cozy up there.

IMG_0721  Oops, I cut the top of the globe off – sorry North Pole!

IMG_0719Pretty little teacher shelves ALL FOR ME!  And a potted spearmint plant on top too.  Don’t teachers always have a plant on their desk?

But wouldn’t you know someone wouldn’t be satisfied! Karra likes to put her tests in a pile next to her cubbie and there is now no longer any room NEXT to her cubby. She had a fit at the removal of her “test putting spot” (it was a good natured fit as fits go). Later yesterday evening while Kristen helped me put together IGs and arranged all of the books in order on the new bookcase (that holds all 3 kids in one place for the first time since Kurt was in Kindergarten!), Karra came down with one of her famous signs – KARRA’S TEST PUTTING SPOT! She rather haughtily pinned it above her cubby and added a sticky note with a big arrow.  (Please note the bowl of cat toys sitting in her “test putting spot” 🙂 )


Apparently I had “mucked with her methods” and that’s something that one just does not do to a Senior!!

I’m proud of how nice the dining room looks. And we are all anxious to get our new and very full and intense school year underway. But this Mom/Teacher still has loads of scheduling left to do before any of those new books get cracked open (Kurt!)

(And the two smaller bookshelves I no longer needed got upcycled to Kristen’s cowgirl bedroom for a book and paint supplies shelf. The TV cart in Kristen’s room will get a new back put on it and be overcycled to Kurt’s room to hold his overflow of books – but that is a project for another DIMS day).

Happy DIMS Day Blogosphere!!