Odds and Ends – ok, Random Pictures

I have some cute pictures to share that don’t really fit into a specific category or have enough back story to make a single post.  So, I’ll just share them in any old random order!


IMG_0711Apparently, Lexi doesn’t mind sharing her crate with Kristen.  This picture is also known as “Bad Sisters” because naughty doggies go to their crate!

IMG_0724And Lexi will even share her bed though she’s not sure why Kristen wants to lay down under it when it’s much softer on the top.


But if your name happens to be Luke, don’t come near Lexi’s nice comfy bed!!!  This looks suspiciously like a “Bad Sister” moment.

This guy came from the garden.  We named him Zach the Zucchini.  Can anyone else hear the Veggie Tales theme song right about now?


“If you like to talk to tomatoes, if a squash  can make you smile . . . . . . . ”  😀

And finally, this is a shot of my barn after a nice summer storm came through.  Somewhere, over the rainbow . . .


Or in my case, under the rainbow.  Isn’t it a beautiful barn?

And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm!

Doggy Talk

I overheard this conversation Thursday night.

Lexi (shut into a cage for the first time in her life): “Help!  Help! Let me out!”

Luke (adjusting to a sibling after being a solo act for 2 1/2 years): “Be quiet, Kid.”

Lexi: “Help!  Please let me out! I’ll be good! I promise!”

Luke: “Shut up!”


Luke:  “I said, ‘SHUT UP’!”

Lexi:  “Help ME!  I’m going to DIIIIEEEEE!”

Luke (growling menacingly):  “I said, ‘SHUT UP’ or I’m going to hurt you!”


Meanwhile upstairs:

Mom (to a sleeping child): “What happened to ‘I’ll sleep downstairs with her’?”

Child:  “There’s nothing I can do to make her stop!”

Mom (threw gritted teeth):  “Go downstairs and let her out of the crate and curl up with her on the floor!”

Two minutes later all barking/whining stops for the night.


Fast forward to Sunday night:

Mom (exhausted from a long day of two church services and bickering children on the way home):  “Come on Lexi, outside to go potty so I can go to bed.”

Lexi (conveniently going potty on Mom’s sleeping bag):  “I went potty!”

Mom (very angry):  “NO! NO! NO!!  Now I have to take the sleeping bag to the laundry mat tomorrow and I have enough to do on Monday.”

Lexi:  “But you said, ‘Go potty!”

Mom (angrily setting up a new bed):  “Into the crate with you, Miss Piddles, it’s Night-Night time.  And don’t expect much sympathy from me.  You can cry all night long for all I care.”

Lexi (locked in cage, lights out, Mom tucked into the other sleeping bag): “Help!  Mom, let me out!”

Luke (lying down between Mom and Lexi in the cage):  “Grrrrrrrr.”

Lexi lies down and whimpers

Mom:  “Thanks, buddy.  You’re a good puppy.”

Lexi (whining):  “Please?”

Luke (leaping up and facing the crate):  “GRRRRRRRR.”

Lexi whimpers

Luke lays down by Mom’s legs

Lexi whines

Luke raises his head and growls low in his throat

Lexi flops down in the crate and sleeps through the night.


And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm