The Transformation

Something came over me Friday.  It was supposed to be Day 1 of our Christmas Cookie Baking Extravaganza.  But no.  I decided that my sewing room just had to be re-organized.  Well, 2 days and about 17 hours later it has been transformed.  My refuge, my sanctuary has been restored to peace and tranquility.  It’s no wonder I’ve struggled the last few months.  My place of peace was covered in cobwebs, dust, and chaos.  My creative soul has now been revived.  Kristen wants to steal my room – can you imagine?  Here’s a peak at the move from chaos and dust to tranquility and restoration!

IMG_0421 Yes, the calendar actually folds up on itself when the room gets humid in the summer and it never goes back – end of calendars in the sewing room!


Two cute thread holders that I don’t use because the cat eats the thread off the wall!


Um, somewhere in here are projects and things of importance – I’m sure of it.


Doesn’t any of this stuff have a home somewhere??


Oh, look!  There IS a sewing machine in here.  At least I think that’s a sewing machine buried under there.


Holy cow!!  There’s the purple box full of expensive yarn that had to be thrown out because the cat decided to pee on it – grrrrr!! Bad Cat!

Are you ready?  Ta Da!!!!!!!


Welcome to my new and restored to full use sewing room!!


There was even a table under that sewing machine 🙂


The hats above the window are from our last trip to the flea market in Shipshawana, IN.  My  Mom and I always forget to take a hat and then we have to buy them!  I love hats. This is also my favorite picture of the transformation.  I found some notes that I had jotted about wisdom lost in the shuffle of dust in the sewing cabinet.  I typed them up on the computer and printed it on cardstock and will frame it to put above the clock to balance that side of the window.

IMG_0424This is the toy organizer that Kurt emptied and got me started on the “I have to clean out my sewing room” roll.  It is now brim full of projects – but they are finally organized projects!!

IMG_0429Just look at those shelves!  I can actually find things and the box of cross-stitch floss isn’t hidden 2 shelves above my head!


Aren’t those cats on the bottom shelf cute?  The large one is a duplicate of Kurt’s stuffed cat, Fred,  that he got when he was about 18 months old.  The cat is now flat, furless, and oh so still loved.  This is Mama Fred and the little one is Baby Fred.  I love them.  Beside them is the mantle clock that belonged to my Grandma that my Mom left with me to take to a clock repair business near by.  Yes, Mom, it got buried in the chaos and I forgot all about it (since May).

Behind the cats and the clock – organized onto ONE shelf – are all of my cross-stitch magazines that I kept, Christmas cross-stitch books and craft magazines, sewing and knitting magazines and books, and one notebook with miscellaneous patterns and project directions.  I’m so pleased that I could narrow the pile to one shelf.  I actually had Christmas craft items in THREE different places!

I can only hope that the kitchen cupboard/pantry makeover that is planned for after Christmas goes as well as this spur-of-the-moment project did.  I feel so, well, organized!!!

And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm!