Here it is – my finished bumble bees.  I saw the decorated letter B in a JoAnn’s flyer over the summer and just HAD to make it for my kitchen.  Going to the extreme, I decided to do the word bee and not just the letter.  I bought the supplies and then they sat in the sewing room waiting for me to decide that I had time to craft.  Well, after Christmas I decided I had time and while I was waiting for the paint to dry on the filing cabinet project, I got to work on the bees.  And wouldn’t you know, I no longer had the flyer to look at and had to figure out the assembly all by myself – a legit Did it Myself Success!

Here’s what I started with:


Cardboard letters, wooden hearts, pipe cleaners, googly eyes and paint (that’s not in the picture), just typical acrylic craft paint in yellow, white and black.

Here are the wings after painting:


And a painted letter:


Ready for assembly:


All together (minus the antennae):

IMG_0950(I couldn’t get my shadow out of the picture – so sorry!)

And the finished product:


Of course, the little ribbons I glued on the back to hang them ended up crooked on the E’s.  Once we hung the letters I kind of liked the crooked hang; it makes them look like they want to fly away!  I’m really happy with how this little project turned out and it adds just the right touch to my whimsical bee wall.

And I Did It Myself – Successfully!