Blessings – Unbelievable

I really don’t try to stay away for so long, it just kind of happens.  It’s this strange thing going on called LIFE.

After we found about the team, I did some searching for the money to pay for it and told Kristen the cold, hard truth might be that we have to wait until next year to join the team.  It was hard to say and hard for her to hear.  I did some praying and reminded God that this girl is a tither.  He woke me up in the middle of the night and showed me some money I didn’t know we had!  It covered her IEA registration, her team fees, chaps and hat.  She offered to pay for the show shirt she’ll need, she contacted her trainer and asked to work off the extra lesson, and I knew I would still have the added fee of her team jacket.  But God went to work.

The girls helped set up at the All-American Quarter Horse Congress and God took care of the team jacket.  Her trainer and his wife GAVE her a show hat that their family no longer needed – cleaned it and had it reshaped for Kristen.  We got to go to the Congress this past Wednesday with our beloved friends J & D and we found Kristen’s chaps and bought a can for her hat (I don’t know why they call it a can, it’s a plastic hat box) – and all was covered by the money that God showed me.

And while we were all talking they asked if I needed any straw because J knows someone with a landscaping business and they needed straw for a client but didn’t know what to do with it afterward and hated to just take it in to be mulched.  O MY GOODNESS!  I need straw for a thick layer in the new chicken coop and we’ll need it for lambing next March.  And it wouldn’t hurt to insulate around the rabbit cages in the barn.  I’ll get twice as many bales as I was planning to buy – and all for free!

God has blessed us amazingly!  It’s just been so special to watch God bring the riding team to pass for Kristen.  We’ll have entrance fees for each show and I looked at her and said, “What hasn’t God provided for this?”  He is truly amazing.

On Thursday I went to see my doctor and she says I probably have a pinched nerve in my back that is making my leg ache.  Off I go to the chiropractor, do da, do da!  On Friday I finally painted the barn doors, oh to do da day – My aching self!!!!  Reach up, bend down, reach up, bend down.  Climb the ladder, tense the legs, paint and climb down.  How many more times do I have to go up this ladder?  I swear the new, bigger door went faster because I wanted off that ladder so badly.  In the end it took 5 hours to do the background boards on both doors.  After dropping my tools while on the ladder (but catching them before they hit the dirt!) my gloves were covered with paint and the brush handles were sticking to me terribly.  I got paint on both sides of my edging tool, so I have some paint on the cross boards and will probably have  quite a few irritated words to say to myself when I paint those cross boards next weekend.


I got a picture of Sugar coming in to the barn and sniffing the newly painted door – phewee it stinks cause she pulled away from the door right away.  The camera didn’t reset in time to get Libby sniffing the other door.  I honestly haven’t been out to look at them since Friday.  It’s been rainy and I spent yesterday canning applesauce and baking cookies and doggie treats.  I’ll run out once today to check.

The new chickens are kicking into production.  We got 2 dozen eggs last week.  I found 5 in the boxes when we got home from church today.  I’m up to my eyeballs in eggs and will be giving them away at Life Group this Tuesday.  I don’t know how long they’ll be in good production ahead of winter or I’d start taking orders.

And That’s What’s Happening on the Homestead.

A Little Cloudy for Reflecting Today

Once again I had the beginning of a good post started in my head, but nothing to jot down ideas.  Maybe I should take to writing on my hand?

Today was one of those days that I just could not get going.  I was advised by one of the wonderful ladies at Christian Homesteader that those bad days happen and we just need to accept them and take the rest they bring.  So after getting up with Lexi at 5am instead of getting my quiet time things done I watched the news and then fell asleep on the couch.  We did chores, I had my morning internet time (it went on too long).  I went upstairs and Kristen wanted to show me the exercises her friend gave her so I let her torture my midsection for 15 minutes.  It wasn’t the worst of tortures because I couldn’t stop laughing at how out of shape I am!!  But if it motivates me and encourages her then I’ll do exercises with her but only twice a week.  Three days I’m back on the treadmill for 50+ minutes (and multiple chapters of Mitford books!)

After lunch and doing science with Kristen (for the record, in just one module I’ve learned more than I ever cared to know about paleontology and how to pronounce pre-historic names.  I’m not a Uniformitarian though I do believe in the Big Bang:  God said “Let there be light!” and BANG there was light.  I tend to lean more toward Catastrophism when it comes to rock formation and fossil layers and strata and blah blah blah!  Gosh, I never thought most of those words would ever come out of my fingertips let alone be properly pronounce out of my mouth!) I then promptly fell asleep on the couch again.

And while I’m confessing things, I thawed some butter creme frosting and ate it with pretzels.  I love sweet and salty and it was really good!  While the girls went to the barn for their riding lesson (I stayed home because 60-some degrees with a breeze was too cold for me today) I made potato chip cookies for home instead of the Sunday School kids.  For home means I used fresh milled soft white wheat flour, Sweet Leaf baking sugar and sucanat.  I’m playing with the recipe to reduce the sugar – it calls for 1 1/2 cups total plus a cup of butterscotch baking chips.  Anyway, I ate cookie dough, got Kurt to try it and when his little face lit up I offered to make a sheet of the cookies without the baking chips.  I now have 4  homemade cookies of ALL the cookies we make that Kurt will eat.  The short list?  (I know you want to know):  Mint Thins, Sugar Cookies, Potato Chip Cookies (without the chips) and Pumpkin  Snickerdoodles.  The little kid that won’t eat pumpkin pie or pumpkin bread LOVES pumpkin snickerdoodles.

I think I’ll go to bed at 9pm tonight while there is still family up and about and I can fall asleep before Lexi goes into the crate for the night.   I have about a 1/4 of the 2nd Father Tim book to finish.  I’m not sure what I’ll read when I’m done with the series for the 2nd time, maybe some of Karra’s schoolbooks  I haven’t kept up with 🙂

That’s all that’s Been Happening on the Hobby Farm