Thank You (from the bottom of my maize and blue heart)

I started a terrific thank you post in my head two nights ago – but it was the middle of the night and I wasn’t going to get up and write it all down (I’m not a very committed writer am I?), but I did get up to use the facilities (no comment)

But I do want to thank the 37 people that follow my blog and at one time or another thought that I have something to say that’s worth listening to.  And then I went and got so flippin’ busy this year that I can’t find my school planner and a notebook, much less time to write a blog and post pictures.  I have pictures of that hutch I finished (except for the flowers and a touch of white on the ornate piece at the top (whose proper artistic name escapes me).  I have a few garden harvest pictures and a picture of the new ram that we got today in a trade for Stormie’s little Button.  Button has a new, good home and we have a gorgeous ram that doesn’t give two hoots about people – or bashing them into walls.

I digress from my profuse thank you to my followers.  The blogosphere is such a neat place and it is so easy to get wrapped up in visiting blogs and scouring pinterest and looking for artistic inspiration that I waste many, many hours when I should be far more productive.  So, honestly, for the last month I’ve been doing all of those things that I need to do and trying to be more productive and intentional with my time.  The house was so beautiful and clean for Karra’s graduation (despite only one door trim being painted and no front door or half bath paint) and so I worked my tail feathers and finger tips off trying to keep it that way.  Gosh darn is it HARD to keep a house with 5 people, 2 dogs and a barnyard CLEAN!  I have washed more of the dishes lately and I’ve tried hard (until this past week) to fold the laundry the same day I wash and dry it.

The kids and I went on vacation last week.  Back up.  Kristen went to youth camp and got to play in the youth band!!  They left on a Saturday morning and came home on a Wednesday night.  As I left the church on Saturday another mom asked if I was going to be okay.  I said, “Oh, sure!  I have two more at home.”  After all, Karra had gone to camp 3 or 4 times and I knew what to expect.  WRONG!  I texted Kristen at least 4 times on their 5 hour ride to the camp.  She texted right back.  Her first bus ride with a bunch of kids was a LOUD, NOISY wake up call.  I missed her so much and couldn’t WAIT for her to come home.  She called once to talk to Lexi and took crap from her friends because she called home to talk to the dog.  I told her I needed her to come home and save me from the cucumbers jumping out of the garden!  She had an AWESOME time at camp.  God moved in such a might way on those teenagers.  The all came home Fearless.   Then their band leader want them to play at our satellite church in Elkhart Thursday night.  We were leaving on vacation Thursday afternoon when Karra got off work.  So, I trucked her back down to the church Thursday morning,  and we stopped in Elkhart on our way to Grandmother’s house.  I got to hear her play in the band in “big” church.  It was louder than our church.  I didn’t think that was possible.  But she did text me before they left to say that it was a paying gig!  The church gave them money for lunch and dinner, but the kids had all brought money already for food, so they got paid for playing!  Kristen used the bonus to get her ears double pierced on vacation.

Then we were on vacation and totally disconnected from phones and internet because my parents live in a cell phone dead area.  We were bored silly!  But it was a good and restful bored.  We took naps when we got tired and went to bed early and read books (the kids mostly devoured my Dad’s Calvin and Hobbes collection).  I got my daily dose of Scrabble by playing the board game with the kids and both Kurt and then Kristen almost beat me!  It encouraged Kristen a lot since she’s not a great speller.  We went to see my in-laws and visit with Grandpa.  We scoured our phones while they ate their lunch because we could get connection at their house!  We went to a baby shower for my nephew’s wife and got to see my SIL, nieces and great niece.  I still can’t believe I have GREAT nieces and nephews!  This first one was born when I was pregnant with Kurt!!  Her Mom was very social and has become a Jackie-of-all-trades.  She’s gutting their house and redoing wiring, plumbing, drywall, floors, you name it.  When the car needs fixing, she learns that too!  I’m totally impessed.

And of course, on vacation, we went to St. Joe because it wouldn’t be a trip to Michigan without St. Joe and ice cream at Kilwin’s!!  And I’m so predictable that I always get KilwinsTracks.  It’s just moose tracks ice cream, but I get it EVERY time!  We wandered State Street and looked at all of the cool, interesting shops.  Karra bought several t-shirts and I got the girls hats.  Kurt wanted a giant plastic claw hand to annoy the girls with.  He succeeded. 🙂   I really wanted a shirt for me, but it just feels so weird to buy something touristy from Michigan!  But someday I will own one of those “Don’t Mess with the Mitten” shirts!!  Then Grandma and I sat on the bluff in the breeze while the kids walked down to the beach so Kurt could play in the sand and get his clothes wet.  Neither of us remembered  a book to read and I had forgotten my sketchbook and pencils.  (I’m not a very committed artist either).   After that we were ready to load up the car and come back home.  We took a different route to break up the monotony of the drive and to make a detour to find a Sonic for lunch!  It was SO good to be back home again.

I’ve been cleaning and catching up every since.  I learned a couple of things in Michigan that were quite astounding.  I can live through the day on 3 cups of coffee!  I usually have TEN.  My Mom just has a tiny pot, so that’s all I drank.  I did dose myself with my Dad’s Diet Dew on a daily basis, but that’s not something I normally do.  When I came home, I lowered my coffee intake to 6 cups which fills my big mug 2-3 times instead of 4-5.  I also learned that the world goes on just fine without me if I don’t get on my phone first thing.  That one has been harder to get away from than the full coffee pot!  My day goes so much better if I have a little coffee and a whole lot of Jesus than if I have a whole lot of coffee and a bunch of phone stuff.

And I had forgotten that Michigan has SAND!!!  It was such a phenomenon to come inside and have gritty stuff on my feet instead of slime.  It was such an earth shaking re-discovery!

About my maize and blue heart.  That stems from 2 years ago and the Big Ten Football Championship game.  Joel’s niece was still attending Michigan State.  Well, we all know that the Buckeyes have managed to kick the Wolverines butts on a pretty regular basis on the grid iron.  That game was the Michigan State Spartans vs. the Ohio State Buckeyes.  When the Spartans beat them and ruined their National Championship hopes I texted the niece (who was at the game) and thanked her “….from the bottom of my battered maize and blue heart!.”

So, thank you.  Thank you for following a blogger who doesn’t blog much.  Thank you for finding amusement and maybe even inspiration in the things I do post.  Even though I’ve turned over a more intentional-with-my-time leaf, don’t expect witty and creative every week!  I really will try to do better, but it could still be once a month.  Life is busy.  I’m not allowed to say anymore that “Life Happens”.  Hubby says only losers let life happen to them.  I don’t know how much I agree with that statement, but I’ll humor him and just say, “Life Sure Gets Busy”.

And That (my dear blogosphere readers) is What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm

P.S. – Baby cow due this month!!