Happy Mother’s Day

I think the biggest thing my Mom taught me is that only God can change an unchangeable situation. My Dad left my Mom for another woman and not even the first other woman. I don’t remember her bitterness. I don’t remember her tears. I know there were both. Five years later my parents remarried. They’ve been remarried for 37 years. I watched my Mom marry the man that had wronged her and left her. I watched her forgive and trust God that my Dad would give his heart to Jesus. I watched her swallow harsh words and allow God to do His work in His time. My parents have a great relationship today. My Dad accepted Christ within 2 years of their remarriage though he didn’t begin going to church until I was in high school and then quit until about 10 years ago.

I came into my marriage knowing that I could never change my husband (hence the dirty socks on the bedroom carpet every day of the world¬†:)¬†) and so I knew right off that I had to let God do the work in him. Kristen and I talk about her horse, but I don’t push it on him – if that’s in God’s big plans for Kristen then God will change her Daddy. He is an awesome God and has done more in ME than I could have imagined because I didn’t set out to change my husband.

My Mom taught me to let God change the unchangeable especially when that unchangeable was me.