Sorry It’s Been So Long . . .

but this is kind of how I’ve felt for the last month:


Either wiped out like the dog, or buried under the dog.

We all managed to get sick with bad colds right after Kristen’s show and were still sick when Joel came home for his visit.  He tried to avoid us while he was home but still ended up a little under the weather when he went back.  He’ll be home for good on Sunday and I am so glad.  It’s tough being the solo parent even temporarily.

I’m sure I have pictures on the camera to share with ya’ll, they’re just still on the camera and at the moment I’m avoiding making the meatballs for dinner.  I did get the French bread made and am going to try this luscious recipe for garlic bread from Old World Garden Farm for supper:

I do have the happy news to report that Karra was accepted to her #1 choice college!!!!  Yeah!!!!!!!  And now is seriously campaigning to go to the jr. college for her first 2 years and then transfer.  Why am I having a hard time with that?  Is it because that is the exact thing her Mom REFUSED to do (and one of the reasons her Mom never got a bachelor’s degree) or am I struggling with it because “I” went to so much trouble to help her get into #1 school.  I stressed along with her for the transcript and class descriptions, the SAT and the ACT; I struggled and encouraged and supported through the interview and the wait.  And this is the thanks I get??  “Um, I think I’m going to stay home for 2 years, keep working, keep volunteering with cameras and shading at church, and go local.”  The kid wants to save a bucket of money and do the financially sensible thing and I’m having a hard time with it?!!?  And can you guess who’s bright idea it was to use Dave Ramsey for personal finance class anyway?

I can’t believe my major confliction.  Joel even agrees she’s making a sensible choice.  And she doesn’t even want to move into the bonus room and have her own apartment – she wants to stay in her bedroom!  Kristen is salivating to get that bonus room – and she has 3 years of high school left.  She who plans to go local to culinary school and live at home until she gets married.  Someday I’ll get my bedroom sized sewing room back.

At least I can end this with a funny story that I told over on Christian Homesteader.  The Saga of the Cell Phones:

I spent yesterday morning on school & trying to order cell phones. I kept getting error messages with no confirmation numbers or “thank you for your order”. So I threw my hands in the air and Kristen and I went to the store and bought phones and a plan and now we have unlimited talk & text (which we’ve been burning up) and limited data. I came home from that to find a phone call from the credit card company fraud alert. I called them and they wanted to verify two charges to T-Mobile, one local and one online. Great. Called T-mobile and found out that my order had been received and was being processed. WHAT? The rep said she’d get that online order cancelled.

This morning I woke up to an email that my order shipped 8 hours after the phone conversation that was supposed to stop it. Called them again explained what happened. She found the order and the tracking number and notified UPS to stop the shipment and return it to them. Cool. We kept playing with our new smart phones and did school and then I got an email that UPS had tried to deliver the package – SERIOUSLY?? That phone call turned out to be the cancellation notice, but the package was already in Columbus. It is still on it’s way back to T-Mobile. While I’m on the phone with them I get an email that my new phones have been activated (given phone numbers that are local but outside of my area code). Now WHAT??? I’ve talked to 6 different people at T-Mobile they were all great and only one of them didn’t see the humor in all of this. They cancelled the numbers for the phones in the box on the way back to the warehouse. Deep breath.

But the saga continued the NEXT day with an email that my credit card had been charged.  I have yet to get an email telling me they credited my credit card for the returned box.  Oy vey, has this been hysterical.  We also “figured out on our own” that my and Kurt’s SIM cards were in the wrong phones, so we switched them.  Well, when the land line was ported to the cell phone on Monday guess where it went – Kurt’s phone instead of mine.  Had to switch the SIM cards back.  It means I gave Grandma the wrong phone number for Kurt – Oh No!!

Also on the day of the great cell phone saga this happened:

I had to take Kurt to his camp out so I dropped Kristen at the barn early and told her I’d be back before her lesson was over. Got caught in traffic, had to sit in the drive through line to get Kurt some supper and then had to wait to talk to his commander to find out when to pick him up tomorrow and let them know that Kurt has an antibiotic with him. I’m driving down dark (gravel) roads that I swear sprang curves after we drove through them in the daylight. My Oreo McFlurry was getting melted and my new phone goes off. I know it’s Kristen wondering where I am, but I can’t get the phone to answer and don’t want to take my eyes off the road! I was almost to a gas station to pull over and call her back when she called again. I got the phone working this time & had my little hysterical rant about being in the middle of nowhere on a dark curvy road and not able to find my way back to civilization and where in the world was the highway and how did I get back on the ramp when I found it – and she laughed and told me to breathe. I was 20 minutes away and trying to find the on-ramp to the highway. It felt like an illegal U-turn onto the ramp. I was 3 minutes from the barn when she called AGAIN and I answered the phone: “WILL YOU GIVE ME A BREAK? I’M ALMOST THERE!” Laughter. Two hours after I dropped her off, I finally made it back to the barn to pick her up. I sat and ate my melted McFlurry in front of her while everyone else drove away.

And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm!

P.S.  We’re roughly two weeks away from baby lambs!!