What Can I Say? Life Sure Got Busy!!

I just re-read my last post – from 2 months ago – ¬†and needless to say nothing has changed in the busy department (and I’m no longer so intentional with my time, but I’m still trying; and I’m back to 10 cups of coffee ūüôā )

We finally pulled off the start of school on August 17th. ¬†On August 26th SugarBelle went into labor. ¬†I don’t know how long it had been when I found her, but the baby was presenting nose first. ¬†Joel and Kristen both reached inside of her to find those legs, but they could only manage to get one hoof forward. ¬†Sugar started to bellow with her contractions and we could tell she was tired. ¬†So, Joel finally just reached in and pulled the calf out. ¬†He was dead. ¬†Exactly what I wanted from her, ¬†a beautiful bull calf. ¬†Joel went to work and Kristen and I cleaned up and buried the calf in our little graveyard. ¬†I hope he’s the only calf we ever put in that little plot.

Thus commenced twice a day milking instead of milk-sharing with a calf. ¬†Honestly that little guy was hefty and probably would have taken more than his fair share of the milk. ¬†We spent a good month absolutely over run with fresh, raw milk! ¬†Kristen has learned to make cheese and though I’m still bombing at yogurt, I’ve mastered a simple cottage cheese. ¬†IMG_1149

Here’s Kristen stirring her very first batch of cheddar cheese.IMG_1150

The very first round of cheddar from the Happy Palace Hobby Farm! ¬†Too bad you can’t see the little pig impression on the wax. ¬†That’s a nod to Kristen’s future – From the Kitchen of the Little Pink Pig (remember Present the pig?)

We were really up the dairy creek when Kristen got sick a couple of weeks ago and couldn’t make cheese. ¬†We had 2 1/2 gallons of soured milk and an entire quart of cream. ¬†We managed to use up 2 1/4 gallons of the milk, but Kristen kept insisting that the cream scared her and so I finally humored her and poured that soured cream and the cream cheese on the bottom down the drain – oh it was hard!!!

On September 9th, Libby went into labor. ¬†We noticed her when we were milking, so Kristen set up shop in the barn. ¬†Hours later little feet protruded, but the head just wouldn’t come out. ¬†Kristen was pulling those little legs for all she was worth. ¬†I finally had the idea to get a hand behind the head and sure enough, next contraction the torpedo launched! ¬†(Kurt had been asking since before Sugar’s labor if a torpedo had launched yet. ) ¬†So, fire in the hole!! ¬†Little Torpedo arrived.

IMG_1148Karra declared him the tiniest thing she had ever seen and I doubt if he weighed more than 20 lbs., maybe 25.

Here he is 5 weeks later!


He definitely has LibertyBelle’s face and I just love his chocolate color! ¬†He looks so scrumptious!! ¬†Two long years until Torpedo Burgers get to the freezer.

For the last two long years I’ve been waiting for Kristen to turn 16 so I could take her to the rodeo to see bull riding for her Sweet 16 outing. ¬†I made the whole family go and we had a pretty good time. ¬†Joel liked the rodeo clown best and Kristen fell in love with the little kids “mutton busting”. ¬†She says her kids are definitely going to do that! ¬†We went to Buckin’ Ohio in Burbank, OH ¬† https://buckinohio.com/ ¬† ¬†It was a blast. ¬†We couldn’t get any pictures of the action because a) we’re not the greatest photographers and b) they move so fast!!IMG_1154


Kristen had her eye on one cowboy in particular – I don’t think he’s in this picture though he was wearing red chaps. ¬†Anyway, the guy she was watching ended up winning the whole thing! ¬†It was so exciting and she wants to go every year. ¬†She’ll probably want to take her IEA teammates next year!

Speaking of which – season starts on November 1st. ¬†We are going to be so busy (ha ha like we’re not busy now) ¬†We are co-hosting the second show of the season and Kristen may get to go to Penn State to observe a college show and then compete in a show there. ¬†And I have to stay home and milk the cow!!

There is still so much going on around here that I don’t have time to write about today and hope I don’t forget by the next time I type to ya’ll. ¬†My hutch finally has all of the white glass and some other pretties on it and an entire shelf of cookbooks – mine and Kristen’s. ¬†She’s taken over two drawers for her cake decorating and cheese making supplies. ¬†It’s a good thing I pared down my linens to fit in one drawer!! ¬†And Present and Suzanna are having a tea party on the shelf by the cookbooks.

And just to prove I haven’t totally lost my creative streak – a friend sent me a chocolate mint plant and I decided to plant it in the pot from my old coffeemaker and put it on the cheese press base that Kristen made. ¬†TADA!


And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm!!