Don’t Turn Your Back

Over and over I’ve reminded Kristen not to turn her back on Joshua because there is something very inviting to a ram about a human behind.  I’m not sure I want to know what, so if you know, DON’T TELL ME!

Last night I went out to lock up the chickens and Sugar was standing at the gate yelling her head off (okay, she mooed once – loudly).  I checked the hay rack and it was empty so I grabbed more hay for her and Libby and tossed it in.  I knew it was “supposed” to snow over night and the sheep were in the pen so I wanted to get them into the stall even though they break out in 3 seconds flat.  Oh well, good intentions.

I got the door open enough for skinny, pregnant Daisy to go in but Joshua is just too wide in the male midsection.  So I climbed into the pen and kicked the hay away from the door and turned to yank it open for him and KAPLOW!  The door and I both went flying forward.  “You rotten, butthead (our new favorite insult picked up from the horse trainer at the barn)!!  NO!!  NO!! You don’t do that!!”   He backed up and stared up at me for all the world like, “You had a problem with that?”  Grrrrrr!!  I bottle-fed that little tyrant.  That ungrateful male beast!

This morning my butt hurts, my knee is skinned up, and my neck and shoulder are sore because I was pulling the stall door this way when Joshua sent us both that way.  And it’s all my own dumb fault.  I turned my back on the ram!  Maybe I need a great BIG sign to hang in the hallway to remind MYSELF not to turn my back on the ram.

I almost called this post ‘Ram Butt’ which is what the ram did to mine!

And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm