The Week was a Whirlwind!

I’m sorry I’ve been gone.  I had a wonderful, lazy birthday last week.  I wore my new red birthday jammies to bed and got up on Friday and let the dogs out.  Then I let the dogs in.  Then I wished I hadn’t.  Guess who messed with a guess what  – FOR THE 3RD TIME!  This time was the charm for the skunk.  Lexi took a direct hit.  Gagging and foaming at the mouth right onto my brand new red birthday jammies!!  Oh my Lord, the smell!!!!!  And Joel had come home on my birthday to spend the weekend and he got to enjoy a cold, skunky house.  At least he was so glad to be home that he didn’t mind too much.  The last of the smell lingers in the laundry room and I am only so thankful that the sewing room was moved OUT of there.

Joel was very impressed with the shelves that Kristen and I put up and when he did a Lowe’s run on Saturday to get lumber for the base of the new pond dock, we picked up the lattice for the back of the shelves in the sewing room.  We will definitely need to work on the lighting down there; even with 3 lamps it’s a little dim.

Friday night Karra and I went work-clothes shopping with our friend, Penny.  We overwhelmed the new career girl!  We both would say, “just buy it to get the great price now and you can always return it.”  She only had so much money and it flustered her not to know how much she was spending.  I’ll be returning some things for her and I told her whatever is over her budget we will pick up the tab for her.  We had a good time other than that and Karra was satisfied with her purchases.  She looked so professional as she headed off on her first day of work.

Monday I took Luke for a walk at the park and I could still walk yesterday!!  He didn’t tire as easy, but he insisted on smelling every stick he peed on the week before.  He did excellent with other dogs and bike riders.  The only dog he growled at looked just like him!  Silly puppy.  We passed a couple when we were almost back to the parking lot and he just laid down in the grass like, I’m so beat.  I wish like crazy I could take him today, but I’m too busy.  Yesterday Kurt got his lower braces on and the rams went to the butcher.  We loaded up the old van and drove away.  I was kind of heavy hearted all day and tried really hard not to think of sweet Toulouse having to go there.  What’s done is done and it’s the reason that we kept them.  And it appears that Moe managed to nail Honeysuckle ahead of their group meet-up.  She looks ready to explode!  We’re thinking another week at the most.  Men – they always find a way, don’t they?

Also on Monday I fell for an online scam.  I can’t believe I was so stupid!!   An alarm started going off on my laptop and completely freaked me out.  I called the number that came up in the warning box – STUPID!!!  Vaguely, in the back of my mind, I thought, is this really Microsoft?  The guy was so nice and gave me his name and technician number and the name of the company and I STUPIDLY let him run a remote diagnostic on my laptop and make the alarm go off.  When he said I had a firewall breech and he could fix it remotely for $200, I said, “you know, I have a friend that’s a computer guru (Penny’s friend really) and I’ll have him take a look and see what he thinks.”  And the guy was so nice and said I shouldn’t use my laptop until I got it cleaned up and de-bugged.  AND THE WHOLE THING WAS A SCAM!!  At least I had the presence of mind NOT to give up a credit card number.  It’s really creepy how people can just jump into your laptop like that.  Penny’s friend has my baby (laptop baby) all better and she didn’t think he’d found any viruses on it which makes me so grateful – still feeling extremely stupid, but grateful.  And there’s a nice, yummy cherry pie cooling on the counter for him 😀

As I stood at the kitchen sink, pitting cherries and making pie crust I couldn’t help but think how nice it will be to look out the window and see the garden going again.  We’re going to put in the grape vines this year and I’m hoping to plant raspberry and blackberry vines as well.  This 50 degree weather in February has got my gardening juices going!!  We had thunder and lightening last night!!  And we could see a few flurries tomorrow.  What a crazy winter.  But at least I didn’t have to wash my van – just parked it outside last night.  I’m so brilliant  NOT!!!

And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm

Sunny and Cool Sunday Afternoon

With a good football game on to boot!

What a beautiful fall day.   Of course, it’s October cold instead of September warm, but it is a nice crisp day.

I haven’t done any spectacular to report on in the last couple of weeks.  I did pick up a free cabinet that Kristen and I are going to paint and use to store canned goods and canning supplies in the basement.  I cleaned it up this past week, but now it needs to be sanded before I can repaint and then it will be a new surface for Kristen and her paint brush.  I was pretty excited to pick it up for free off of craigslist.

We’re hoping we have a buyer for the sheep this week.  He emailed yesterday but I haven’t heard back.  We really want to see Joy and Stormie go for breeding and not for someone’s feast – I’ve had a couple of calls from people with heavy accents (how do you say that without sounding prejudiced?), but it would break my heart to know they were butchered.  Fortunately, I’ve been able to say that I have a sale pending – thank you, God!

We picked apples on Friday and got 1 1/2 bushels of drops for the price of a 1/2 bushel picked off the tree.  I was doing some math for my homesteader ladies and last year the drops that became applesauce saved me as follows:  applesauce in the little cups runs around $1.88 (last time I bought it) and I’d buy 6 pkgs. a month. $11.28/month x 12 = $125.36.    I saved on applesauce last year – $125.36 –  $24 for the 4 oz. jars I invested in  = $101.36.  This year my Mom has given me another dozen jars, so the savings will be even more significant.  Of course, it’s a lot of work to do all of those batches of applesauce.

The girls came home from the barn on Friday with a 50# feed bag full of sweet corn that the trainer had given us.  Sweet corn is something I just didn’t have the resources for this year and now I’ll still be able to put some in the freezer!

Did I mention that we butchered our old chickens?  I didn’t cry and Sarah will be commemorated with a plaque naming the new chicken coop for her.  We boiled up the carcasses and got 25 1/2 cups of chicken stock and 10 cups of usable meat.  The meat was really tender.  We used 4 cups of the meat in a pot pie and it was very tasty.  I’m going to BBQ some of it too.

I only got 11 pints of pears from our tree.  A lot of the pears were tiny or too full of bugs and bad spots, so the chickens got quite the feast from them.  They’ve also been getting quite the feast from my garden.  The old girls never tried to squeeze through the fence into the garden, but these gals go right through the holes and eat my green tomatoes!!  I chase them around with a stick and have to climb on the compost to finally get them out.  I may have to do something much different with my garden fence.

I went through a nightmare trying to download my much raved about Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle.  We’re on super slow internet so I got up Thursday night to download and the link wouldn’t work.  I emailed and tried again Friday night with no luck.  I emailed customer service again and she sent me a new link since they had reports of problems with satellite connections not working.  Up AGAIN last night (have I ever mentioned that I like to sleep all night?) and the new link worked.  I downloaded everything including two videos on using herbs.  Today I ordered the bonus freebies that interested me and signed up for two ecourses.  I have lots of reading to do and I’m excited about it.

And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm.