We Moved the Babies!

Finally, the baby chicks are out of the garage – and took their smell smells with them!  Here they are in their brand new chicken coop in the new barn.


Oh, they have so much room now!  Once they had all of that room to run around you could really see their little personalities blooming.  We have one Ameracuana that looks like an eaglet (Loreal because as a baby she had black eyeliner) and she’s a bit of bossy fuss budget.  We also have a little Buckeye that’s quite fiesty – what do you expect?  She’s a Buckeye.  For the most part they are pretty sweet little chicks.  I’m looking forward to getting a Black Silkie rooster to father the flock.

Of course the lows were in the 50s last night so I had to go out early to make sure the babies were okay. 🙂  They haven’t completely feathered out yet, but they did just fine.  I forgot to open the window after church and it got quite warm in there this afternoon.  And the flies!!  I can’t believe the flies that congregate in the new coop.  I’m suspecting it’s the glass and how warm and toasty it gets in there that is attracting those nasties.  I think it’s about time to dig up the home made fly strip recipe I have somewhere and get those made up.  I’d love to see them work!

I bought 12 bags of shavings to put in the coop over the dirt floor, but only used 5 of them.  As the girls get bigger and the shavings settle we’ll be adding the rest.  I’d like to have it 6-8″ deep by winter time.

Hopefully this week I’ll start posting the barn building pictures.  They go clear back to 2007 or 2008 when the poles went into the ground.  I have some pictures that were taken with the camera date not set.  I have pictures of Kurt & Kristen labeled 1998 – before either of them was born!!!

And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm


Ah, Spring Break

Well, we made it; it’s Spring Break.  It might seem a little late for taking a break to some people, but we always try to plan our break for the week of Kurt’s birthday.  I like my parents to come down for a visit at this time, but my Dad announced two years ago that early April is too cold!  Last year because of circumstances they came at the end of May and guess what – it was too HOT!  They’re coming in mid-May this year and then Mom will stay an extra week to try to help me knock out that dreaded garage sale.

We’re off to a relaxing start to our break.  The girls went shopping this morning to get their brother’s birthday presents and go to Whole Foods for some of Karra’s strange and organic vegetarian foods (okay, it was Spanish lentils and poppy seeds, but I’m allowed to give her a hard time since it was my money).  I did have the girls get some Hartzler Dairy milk (low temp pasturized) to try my yogurt cultures that I’ve had for so long they may not even be good.   If the yogurt doesn’t work I’ll order a new culture and give it another go – within a reasonable time 🙂

I crossed a major milestone in my recovery today.  I ordered new chickens!!!!  We’ll be having baby chooks in time for our anniversary in early May.  Joel offered to undo his workbench so I can reuse the crate we brooded our geriatric girls in and I think a good month or two is plenty of time to get the new chicken coop finished up and to have nice weather to do it in.

I spent about a half hour online researching different hatchery’s offerings and the feed store.  I really, really wanted some Buckeye chickens (I know that is so bizarre for a BIG TIME Michigan fan) and there was only one hatchery that offered them.  I almost missed the fact that I could create my own box of chickens.  I was looking at a whole box of single breed chickens and getting frustrated because I really wanted a variety.  Anyway, I finally found what I was looking for at Mt. Healthy Hatchery in Cincinnati – the same hatchery that our TSC girls came from seven crazy years ago.  The minimum order was 15, so I got 3 each of Barred Rock (I love my current girls), Buckeye (I’d love to have a Buckeye rooster and name it Bo heheheheh), Buff Orpington (good brooders), Aracuana (because Kristen loves the green and blue eggs), and Golden Lace Wyandottes (they are so pretty).  I wanted to get a trio of Silkies because the roosters are supposed to be really gentle, but I didn’t realize that Silkies are considered to be bantam chickens.  You can’t order bantams and regular sized chicks together.  A minimum bantam order is 30 chicks!   So, if I get my Silkies I will have to do it locally and get grown chickens.  Who knows what kind of rooster I’ll really end up with.

Kurt and I baked his birthday cake this morning and Kristen just finished decorating it.  It turned out nearly as well as the Pinterest picture.  I’ll include it with the birthday post in a day or two.  I made cookies for us for a change and am being lazy about taking birthday boy for a hair trim ahead of his pictures that I haven’t scheduled yet.  But hey, I ordered baby chicks!!

And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm