Psalm 27:4 "One thing have I desired; that will I seek after. That I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life."

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DIMS Day again!

This cute craft came from and I found it on pinterest.  The whole article is in Spanish and since I keep forgetting to play on my Duolingo app every day, my Spanish is still very week. Needless to say, I haven’t “read” the article just looked at the pictures.

I don’t know if I’ve ever documented that I have a rather hate-hate relationship with Modge Podge.  I don’t like it and it doesn’t like me back. Yesterday the two of us decided that we would try to reach a compromise. A small project seemed like the right attempt at friendship (or at least an acknowledgment acquaintance).


I started with a small square box and leftover cardboard tubes from saran wrap and parchment paper.  They were thicker than paper towel and toilet tissue rolls. I cut the tubes to fit inside the box and most of them don’t show out of the top.  I had no idea if the article said to glue the tubes together, so I pushed them all in tight then pulled them out one at a time and ran glue down the sides, then pushed it back in.  I glued at random until each one had glue on one or two sides.  I left it to dry for a couple of days because I was busy with other things – as usual, huh?


Oops! That tube peaks out like a snout, or a chimney, or a volcano cone, or a cardboard tube. The project looked very unfinished in the yellow and white box from my new Wilton flour sifter, so I started searching for something to cover it with. I tend to buy beach themed calendars for my sewing room and had this picture left from a previous year.  I liked the scene because it reminded me of Hawaii.  I had a box with 6×6 sides and a 12×12 calendar page – how cool is that?


This is where the Modge Podge came in. Very carefully, in a nice thin-ish coat I painted it on.  With almost trembling hands I laid the picture down, lining up the top edge as carefully as possible, then smoothing things away.  I did have a few bubbles and the ones that wouldn’t press out, I took a pin to.  It was amazing how all of the air could escape from one tiny pin prick.


Oops, some more of those tubes peaking out at the world.  Overall I was really pleased with the Modge Podge and put on a coat to seal it really well.  I set the box on a mason jar to dry and then sprayed it really well with acrylic sealer.  It’s just adorable and I’m going to use it to store my paint brushes!  Eventuall,y when I invest in real paint brushes (not the cheap value pack at Walmart) like Kristen has, the tall handles will fit nicely in the tubes and the pretty brushes will stand up tall like coconut trees blowing in the breeze of an imaginary tropical island somewhere in the South Pacific. I can smell the coconut oil now……..

And That’s What I Did Myself on the Hobby Farm.



Two cute things to share today.  Both ideas came from

Kristen needed a Buddy Basket to take to Regionals to give to one of her team mates. Being the creative (and penny pinching) girl that I am, I thought, “Ah ha! I’ll make a container!”  So, out came the empty hamburger box, the roll of jute and the glue gun.  Oh, boy, oh, boy!  Hours of gluing later and a countless number of glue sticks consumed (and fingers burned) I had succeeded.


Kristen’s friend likes zebra print, so we bought some fabric to make the liner – I’m TERRIBLE at making a good box liner.  All of the tutorials make it seem so easy, but it was HARD! We filled the box with L’s favorite things like food and Dr. Pepper and a cute flowered headband I found on clearance at the fabric store and away we went.  She loved it!  My fingers took a week to recover.


I thought this idea was so cute when I saw it and it goes with the floral/romantic theme I’m trying to put together in my half bath.

Bathroom Organization Using Repurposed Items:

So, I pulled together my supplies:


Empty oatmeal canister, roll of shelf liner and vase from the dollar store and the colored pencils Karra gave me for Christmas.  And I colored the flowers.


Kristen said it looked like it was meant for the roses to be pink.  And then I had to put it all together – oh, boy.


I have since added black washi tape around the top and bottom, but didn’t take another picture.  I think the tape finishes it nicely.  Now, to paint the bathroom and do something with that floor……

And That’s What I Did Myself Successfully! on the Hobby Farm.

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