I’m Hanging Up My DIY Hammer

It is now firmly established that I am NOT the real DIYer around here. I don’t know if I’ve claimed to be or not, but it is now fact that I’m not the Queen or even the Princess. The title belongs, hands down, to my daughter, Kristen.

She tore apart the old pallets that I wanted to make into animal feeders. And guess what she did. She ROCKED.THE.BOAT. Or should I say, BED.

Kristen's phenomenal rustic pallet bed.
Kristen’s phenomenal rustic pallet bed.

Yeah, she’s 16. Yeah, she did this off the top of her head. She took careful measurements of her day bed and then went to town. I did suggest the 2×4’s on the edges of the head and foot boards to stabilize them and the 2×6’s for the side rails. That’s all the input I had. My only financial contribution was buying the varnish to seal it with.  For just under $45 she got a brand new bed.

The bed unscrewed into 3 pieces and we took them from the workshop to the basement for sealing. The basement is slightly less messy and dirty than the workshop.

IMG_1351 IMG_1352 IMG_1353

She wanted a clear finish so that the wood grain and grease marks, etc. would all show through. We were both impressed with how well the pallet wood sanded to a smooth finish.

This morning it was finally time for the big move. She put half of her room into Karra’s room then texted her a picture that said she was moving in! Karra’s response was, “I so hate you right now.” Such loving sisters.


The before bedroom. She took the back off the daybed ages ago, so it’s been one wobbly twin-like bed for a while. She had already taken down her ribbons and medals from above the bed, but they covered the wall.


Almost done.


Lexi was very confused. “Hey, where did Kristen’s bed go?”


Oh, my gosh, it looks so good in her room!


Finished product. The quilt she made last year looks so perfect on the rustic bed and all of those pillows are perfect. Even Lexi wasn’t quite as confused anymore. She does have to put some spring into her jump now to get to the bed.

I’m hanging up my hammer and crowning her the resident Queen of DIY. I’ll stick to the sewing machine and glue gun!

And That is Kristen’s DIMS Day Success Story.

Odds and Ends – ok, Random Pictures

I have some cute pictures to share that don’t really fit into a specific category or have enough back story to make a single post.  So, I’ll just share them in any old random order!


IMG_0711Apparently, Lexi doesn’t mind sharing her crate with Kristen.  This picture is also known as “Bad Sisters” because naughty doggies go to their crate!

IMG_0724And Lexi will even share her bed though she’s not sure why Kristen wants to lay down under it when it’s much softer on the top.


But if your name happens to be Luke, don’t come near Lexi’s nice comfy bed!!!  This looks suspiciously like a “Bad Sister” moment.

This guy came from the garden.  We named him Zach the Zucchini.  Can anyone else hear the Veggie Tales theme song right about now?


“If you like to talk to tomatoes, if a squash  can make you smile . . . . . . . ”  😀

And finally, this is a shot of my barn after a nice summer storm came through.  Somewhere, over the rainbow . . .


Or in my case, under the rainbow.  Isn’t it a beautiful barn?

And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm!