Stormcloud coming!

Our lambing season came to an end yesterday when Daisy gave birth to a baby girl – a mocha colored black back with Mommy’s white splotch that bleeds down her face.  Oh, she’s adorable!!!  I do have to warn you 3 of the pictures are of the birthing process and are a little graphic.

Stormcloud's coming!

Stormcloud’s coming

Stormcloud getting closer

Stormcloud’s getting closer

Stormie's here!!

Stormie’s here!!!!

We didn’t get to see Joy being born because Honey had her early in the morning, so this was a real thrill for us.  I had no idea that animals grunted and groaned just like humans do!  Kristen kept saying, “Really, Mom, you’ve been through it!”  We felt so bad for Daisy because those pushing contractions HURT, but we kept talking to her and praying until we’d prayed her here.

Stormie getting her first bath

Here she is getting her first bath

Stormie standing up already!

Stormcloud Mocha standing all by herself!

Stormie  less than 24 hours old

This one was taken this afternoon.  Still less than a day old.  She was trying to hop around this morning.

Stormie says Hello there

Hello world!  (I think she and Present would be good friends)

While I was out taking pictures I decided to grab a few of the other sheep and then Libby want in on the action.  Enjoy!!

HoneySuckle & Joy in the new sheep penThis is HoneySuckle and Joy in the new sheep pen!

Joshua looking very forlorn in the Stud Stall

This is Joshua looking forlorn in the “Stud Stall”.  He’s probably now wishing he’d made himself a son to keep him company!

LibertyBelle - where's MY stall!

And LibertyBelle is asking where HER new stall is!  “I want one too! MOOOOOO!!”

And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm!