So Many Thoughts, So Little Memory

I’ve had so many good ideas over the last couple of days and of course nothing handy to jot them down.  Hopefully once the juices get flowing something will come back.

I’ll start with the most important thought of all . .  HE IS RISEN . . . He is Risen Indeed!  Happy Easter everyone.

I was thinking about sleep this morning, particularly how much more hopeful I feel when I’ve had enough of it.  Thursday night Kurt was staying up way too late at night playing a new video game and Lexi ended up staying out of her cage – and I got 9 HOURS of sleep!  It carried me through Friday until about 5pm which then meant that there was very little left of me at Good Friday service.  Last night, Joel left Lexi out of her cage when he went to bed around midnight and again I got a ton of sleep.  Of course based on the amount of “accidents” Miss Piddles has had in my house today she will be crated tonight!     I felt very rested yesterday and even though it was a long day and I had to push myself through some activities I was able to handle it.  And today i just felt rested.  Sleep is an amazing thing.

I’ve also been thinking about how I grew up a cat person.  I almost always had a cat.  From a little white stray named Whitey I moved to my first official cat, a black and white tabby I named Tammy O’Malley.  The vet would joke about my Irish cat, but I LOVED the Aristocats.  We ended up keeping two of Tammy’s last kittens, a male named Dizzy and a female my brother named Cermit the Kat – he liked the Muppets.  After my parents remarried and we moved Tammy ran away back to our old home.  The neighborhood kids told my Grandma they had seen my cat, but when we came to get her the people living there said they hadn’t seen her.  The neighbors said they were lying and the next time they saw my cat they grabbed her and took her up to my Grandma who kept her on the porch until we came to get her.  My Grandma hated cats.  It’s one of the few times I can point to that I felt like my Grandma cared about me.  First Dizzy and then Tammy succumbed to hit and runs, but  standoffish Cermit lived to a ripe old age.   We were without a cat for a long time until I convinced my Dad to let me get another one and I would keep it inside so it wouldn’t chase the birds at his feeders.  I got a stray from a woodpile that was my dream kitty – a calico.  I named her Charlene after one of the characters on “Designing Women”, a sitcom my Mom & I enjoyed.  Charlene was my baby and she saw me through a rough period when I needed something to love that needed me back unconditionally.  I still had her when I got married & she and Joel did not like each other.  She wasn’t a cuddly cat & he thinks cats are for touching.  She had to be put down when Kristen was a baby and he took her in for me because I couldn’t, I COULD NOT take my baby in to be put to death.  Joel buried her here on the Happy Palace before we built the house.  One of the sewer lines went right over her grave.  I guess that was his final “dig” at my cat.

We’ve had other cats – Karra’s Stephanie & Zoe and now Catnip.  When we had to put Zoe down it broke me in two and made me realize that I had never grieved for Charlene.  I’d pushed it all down inside because I had little girls to take care of and they didn’t need to see Mommy crying all of the time.  That was a rough and tramatic experience for me.

And all of that brought this lifelong cat lover to the place where she is absorbed by two dogs.  Who would have ever though?  I’ve documented how hard it was to let Hunter go, but if we’d never had Hunter we wouldn’t have Luke.  If we didn’t have Luke we wouldn’t have Lexi.  They are such a joy.  They play and run around and wrestle like a couple of little kids fighting over a truck in the sandbox!  And then they absolutely collapse (like right now) and sleep it off.  When Luke was about a year old I starting telling the kids that I think every couple contemplating children should have to raise a puppy.  I learned so much about consistency and rule enforcement from having a young dog in the house.  Oh, how I would have done things different with my children if I had had the experience of raising a dog first!  And even now I’m having to do some remedial work with Luke as we start to train Lexi.  Just like kids, raising dogs doesn’t end; they all need refreshers on following the rules.

And lastly I’ll end with food.  I look in the mirror and groan, yet I take a Scarlett O’Hara approach to exercise and smart eating:  “Tomorrow is another day.”  And I’d better get my act together tomorrow!!  Of course as Kurt told me leading up to his birthday, “Tomorrow will really be today when it gets here.”  I guess that’s why they  say, “There’s no time like the present.” and “Why put off until tomorrow what you can do today.”  I dislike philosophers.

Since we didn’t make huge plans for Easter dinner and I only had a frozen ham in the house this morning, we decided to do Arby’s 2 for $5 deal after church.  We had packed a cooler with drinks and & Joel declared “NO FRENCH FRIES”.  Of course Arby’s is the place you WANT the fries because their curly fries are so good!  So, we pulled up to the drive through and waited for the car in front  us.  They rolled forward and we pulled up.  Nothing from the little box.  Joel said, “Hello.”  Nothing from the little box.  We waited.  Joel said, “Hello, are you there?”  Nothing from the little box.  We waited.  I said, “Let me go inside.”  We waited.  Someone asked, “Are we sure they’re open?”  I said, “Nobody closes on Easter anymore (sadly).”  Nothing from the little box.

We pull forward to the window and there is a note:


Well what do you know!!  It was kind of nice to be proved wrong.  Of course the fact that there wasn’t a single car in the parking lot should have clued us in much sooner!  And we ended up having hamburgers at Burger King.  The ham will be ready between 7-8pm tonight. 🙂

And That’s What’s Reflecting on the Pond