I Stand Corrected

It’s not Miss FLanigan in Annie, it’s Miss Hanagan!!!!  And that just doesn’t sound right when you’re talking to the car Navi System.  I’m back to square one on naming the thing – the kids said Lola is out (something about SHIELD being sacred territory I think).  Maybe on the next college adventure we’ll come up with the perfect name.  And a Sonic drive-in.  My stomach & internal system are SO messed up from yuck (but yummy) food, but what’s one more round of burger, fries & ice cream shake when you’re already miserable?  (I’m sure the answer to that question is probably embarrassing and will NOT make it’s way into a future blog post).

And even worse the whole world – or at least the blogosphere – knows that I’m an Annie trivia flunky.

We got a really good thunder storm this afternoon – complete with tornado warnings and sirens – I’ll post the pictures of the rainbow over my barn tomorrow.  Speaking of barns I still have to put together the photo study of the project – start to finish (not that it’s finished since I haven’t painted the big sliding doors AND AM I HEARING ABOUT IT!).  Anyway, it looks really nice under the rainbow, . . . . hmmm, OVER the rainbow was The Wizard of Oz.  Oh, well, the sun’ll come up tomorrow!

And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm.