Ah, Spring, You Were So Fleeting!

Um, hello, 43 this morning?  Did someone not read the calendar that says May 21st?  What crazy up and down weather!  At least it wasn’t 27 and freezing our garden – this year.  A few sunny days of 80’s to low 60’s today and back in the upper 70’s and 80’s for the next week with, wait for it . . . RAIN!  Ohio has enough of a drainage problem.  But there are other parts of the country with much worse flooding than we have, so I will not complain or make any further mention of it.  Thoughts and prayers for everyone suffering through flooding and horrible storms out in the heartland.

My Cowgirl has been having some medical issues and I had her at the chiropractor this morning.  After adjustments she felt like a 20 lb. weight had left her neck.  He advised her to “ride that horse”, so she and Penny are out tearing up, the pasture (literally, unfortunately).  She had a good vending show on Sunday and came home with lots of ideas for new products as well as the doggie bandanas I’m getting patterns ready for.  I can’t wait to show off Luke and Lexi in their new ‘danas.

We stopped by a new boutique uptown, Randall & Blue, after the chiropractor visit and they carry adorable clothes for curvy girls!  And yes, this sale/clearance shopper paid full price to buy a new shirt for my Cowgirl.  A pretty, grown-up top she can wear to shows instead of a tank top and it fit her!!  We chatted up the girl who was working and they are a fairly new business that started on-line and just opened a shop here and are doing a second shop up in Canton. Or maybe she said Kenton – my hearing, y’all!  We loved the shop and told her it reminded us of St. Joe and all of the neat little places up there.  A tiny bit of Michigan in a little Ohio town!

Well, I’m finishing lunch and then off to the “office”/sewing room.  I’ll be helping out at the trucking company one day a week for the next few weeks, so I’ve got to make and make while I have days to do it!  Cowgirl has 4 shows in June and just ordered a bunch of fabric.  She makes no consideration for the clothes I need to sew for the 2 of us and all of the doggy bandanas and cosmetic bags that need to fly off my fingers – and the labels for our products.  Good grief, she thinks Mama is a machine!!

And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm!

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