When our Little Bird was 13 we got her a new kitten – Catnip. Fast forward to 2017 and Little Bird marries her French Fry who is allergic to everything (including his Boxer who lives with his mom). Three months later, they adopt a Siamese kitten – because Siamese are very low allergen as cats go. Um, what about the cat you still have at home? Well, French Fry is allergic to him. Not to mention, he’s always been a special needs cat and is angry at the world 95% of the time. He meowed in my arms for 45 minutes while she tried to decide which of the kittens to bring home in the first place! I finally said, “I like this one, it talks alot”. So, Catnip stayed with us and the dogs and Cowgirl and Farm Boy’s kitten that Catnip hates/resents.

Well, now, I can no longer disguise or hide the fact that Mr. Nip is peeing where he should not be. While I was in Hocking Hills with Farm Boy, Catnip peed on the new carpet right in front of Mr. Fix-It. Bad, bad news for our dear Mr. Nip. Fortunately, Mr. Fix-It didn’t not send him to his reward on the spot. But he was ANGRY.

This morning was a really rough and emotional time. I texted my Bestie who recently had to put her family cat down and then I LOST IT. Amazing amounts of grief that didn’t feel related to having to put down my 4th cat for the same issue – what is in my water??? The worst part was realizing how close that black monster (depression) was to the surface. Oh, God, I won’t go back there! So, I really let myself grieve and cry and pray until I didn’t feel so low and lonely anymore. I do not want to put Nip down. I’m going to buy him some more time and have the vet check him out. My house will be very empty without a Catnip in it.

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