Happy New Year!

Well, here we are at the end of January.  Sometimes, you need to take a slow start to a new idea, like a new year. (My way of saying I’ve been lazy, without coming right out and saying, “I’ve been lazy”.)

Cowgirl continues to amaze me with her great attitude and work ethic.  She’s had some steps backward from her phenomenal recovery from depression, but over all she’s still charging onward.  She started college a few weeks ago and is doing great!  She’s even had 2 “snow” days off for the cold weather.  Her first legitimate snow days.  We’ve also been doing marathons of Downton Abbey.  Cowgirl is proving to be the real blogger in the family, too.  She writes and posts and sets up publish dates and I sit and stare at my phone.

The phone brings me to somethings that started circulating in my heart last night.  I do spend way too much time on the phone/computer.  It’s so easy to pick up and more convenient to surf the net from my hand than the laptop.  January is Sanctity of Life month and if you read the news you know that some states and people don’t give a crap about the sanctity of life.  My overwhelming anger and knee-jerk reactions to posts on social media were eye opening to me.  Yesterday especially I felt God telling me to let go of that method of communication.  This morning I un-followed a lot of friends, people I genuinely like, because the things they post aren’t things I need to be filling my heart and mind with.  After the un-following I started seeing posts from lots of friends and family, I never saw things from before.  If this doesn’t help me let go of anger and knee-jerk reactions, then the parting will be finalized.

So, if I’m spending less time on social media, hopefully I will spend more time blogging.  There is so much going on in the sewing room and some gorgeous new polos headed to the website http://www.TheCrazyBumbleBee.com .

And that’s what’s happening on the hobby farm.

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