Up and Running

Me and the business!  That cold put me on the couch for FIVE days.  Absolutely no fun.  I’m still coughing a bit and the whole family has shared the love.  Farm Boy has had the worst of it by far.  It just lingers and lingers, poor kid.  He wore a ski mask at parkour last night to protect the other kids.  Only my family.

We officially launched the business on Tacebook on October 31st!  Facebook.com/TheCrazyBumbleBee and Cowgirl started a blog about our venture into business:  thecrazybumblebee.wordpress.com.  I’m sewing my fingers (and my back) to a frazzle, but it is worth it.

I also finished the poinsettia table runner for my sister-in-law for Christmas.  It turned out even better than expected.  The pictures are on my phone which is not in arms reach right now – sorry.

I think the best news in the last week is that we brought Penny home!!!  Mr. Fix-It and I had a date to Menard’s on Friday to pick up the lumber for her stall front.  Saturday Cowgirl helped her dad build the stall and sliding door.  Once again my inspiration drew up her plans, ordered the exact amount of lumber (2 2x4s over what was needed) and poured her heart into a construction project.  Penny got turned out with the sheep yesterday and they had quite a time scaring each other.  They eventually settled down and enjoyed the green grass of November.  November!! And green grass??  Cowgirl needs to find an indoor arena she can haul to during the winter when our ground is too frozen or too wet, but she is indeed loving having her girl at home.  Penny is a little bored after being in a barn with lots of other horses and activity going on.  I bought her a jolly ball to play with and gave it to her early – Merry Christmas!

It turns out that we won’t be having company for Thanksgiving this year, so we will be looking for new activities and going to The Little Bird and her Apple for a late dinner.  I hate that my kids grew up and their cousins grew up and those 5 hours between us and extended family seem to have grown longer over the years.  But I will accept new traditions and dream about grandchildren 😀

And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm

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