Ka-pow! Ka-boom!

And all at once, we are developing the brand, the facebook shop, instagram, inventory is in production.  Cowgirl is all over labels, tags and business cards.  We are gearing up big time to go full time as fast as we can.  Unfortunately, I’m still looking for a part-time job because we have to pay Penny’s board no matter what.  Cowgirl is still going to college in January and I’m still going to clean my house and educate Farm Boy.  But, wow oh wow, her energy and input have just exploded something that has been in my heart for so so long!

The absolute best part of her job at Congress is seeing how much better she has gotten with the whole anxiety, depression thing.  We have both made monster strides forward this year and it just keeps accelerating.  I’ve forgotten my meds twice in the last 2 months – and made myself sick in the process – but other than the physical withdrawal symptoms,  I’ve felt really steady.  Pastor Bob told me God would heal me this year and I love seeing those prophetic words come to fruition.  I am feeling so very blessed right now!!

And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm.

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