Re-Capping the Week

After three very productive days, I had a couple of slow ones.  Thursday I had to pick up fish for Mr. Fit-It – and the little perch were tinier than my little finger!  And then I did a quick repair on Penny’s blanket so that I could clean it and spent $7 at the laundry mat to wash and pretend to dry it.  I brought it home and stank up my dryer.  Now, i need to do a good repair on the rip and hope that her stable mate doesn’t kick any more nails loose in her walls!  After that, I just felt kind of blah.  Friday I did the grocery shopping and then collapsed.  I wasn’t feeling very well, but after Farm Boy’s movie, I went ahead and watched Blue Bloods since I was up.  Yesterday was an antique/craft show and lunch with my Bestie!!!  We have sadly had to neglect our time together, so this was a much needed catch up.  And I have LOTS of holiday craft shows and bazaars on my calendar for the two of us!  And she’s become an enabler in the crunchy department!  Now we’re both making re-usables and diy personal care.  I love her so much!

Crazy BumbleBee polos are going to be at the All American Quarter Horse Congress!!  I am so excited that Cowgirl’s trainer said he would take a box along.  Cowgirl is getting really tired from working full time and her feet and ankles are paying a hefty price on the concrete all day, but she bought the cutest Twisted X moccasins and I’m going to have to get a pair when we go to the freestyle reining next week.

Cowgirl and I had a tense discussion about me going back to work.  She reminded me that I did agree to pay for the horse for 3 years while she finished high school and got started with college.  I let her know about her lack of helping around the house.  We didn’t yell at each other which was good – we are very much the same temperament.  She needed communication and I needed some rest and some space.  We both felt better and I feel better about looking for a new part time job.  I’m still going to pursue the Etsy shop and blogging with the goal of full time by the time she’s done with school.  Oh, how I love staying home!!!

I heard the end of a teaching on the radio this week about laying down things the Lord asks us to let go of.  It really made me stop and think about how proud I was of being a SAHM.  I was really proud that I didn’t HAVE to work and could be home.  I was holding on to that identity and not appreciating what a gift it was.  That helped to add some new perspective.  But, oh, it is so nice to be able to clean my house each day!!!

I’m excited to see what this week will hold and how much I can get accomplished.  More polos to get done to send with the trainer and some Christmas gifts to get started on.  And that bed has GOT TO GET STAINED!!

And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm!


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