The Month of Catching Up

So many successful people say that losing their job was the catalyst that pushed them forward.  Well, I’m leaning forward.  It’s still a matter of prayer and seeking God’s guidance, but I really feel that my place is here at home.  I’m so grateful for my friend, Andi, who has encouraged me to pursue my creativity, but first and foremost to pursue God’s direction in my creative pursuits.

Soooo, as I gut-clean my dirty house and cluttered basement, I will be focusing in on recapturing that lost art of “home making” and creating lovely little things for the Etsy shop (and working like crazy to get that list of Christmas gifts done).

Yesterday I started on cleaning the house.  I vacuumed the stairs for the first time in The-Good-Lord-only-knows when.  I got caught up in the kitchen and washed towels.  That doesn’t sound like a lot, but I had friends dropping off a mircroscope they borrowed for VBS and a load of Rock delivered for Mr. Fix-It to spread over the drain he’s putting in around the workshop.  And I caught up on checking Farm Boy’s school (two weeks) and ran errands in town – before getting supper and taking Farm Boy to parkour class.  There!  Now, it sounds like I did something yesterday.

Today I finally dusted the living room and went to water the plants that trail down the TV armoire and they were wet!  Fortunately, they are too high for the cats to have watered – :p  One of the rooms I hate, HATE, HATE to clean is the bathroom – specifically the master bathroom.  I know, we use it everyday, but I have a well trained eye for overlooking nasty.  But today, I attacked.  I took the CLR to the shower walls and swept and mopped the floor.  Sadly, the floor needs a second mopping.  My Lord, I have been a terrible person to let my bathroom floor get that dirty!

Laundry is started, pork chops thawing for dinner and I’m dreaming of the day I don’t hold myself accountable to clean my house, by telling the whole Blogospere how dirty it is!!

And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm

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