Life’s About Changing

Well, here I sit.  Unemployed after 18 months of working.  Enough in the bank for one month of horse board.  Cowgirl has a job for the next month that will cover a month or two of board if necessary.  I’m not sure what to do.  There isn’t much on the job boards that fits the bill like my last job – part-time, close to home, great people.

Maybe it’s time to start rambling with my fingertips again.  I know Farm Boy needs his schoolteacher back and this Crazy Bee just wants to stay home.  But I committed to the horse thing and I’ve got to find a new job.  I look at job requirements and I feel so inadequate again.  And yet, I’ve got 18 months of experience to help.

For the rest of this week I’m going to clean my house and take pictures of things I need to sell.  Horse items for facebook groups and horse polos for the Etsy shop.  Yah, my Etsy shop turned into a horse item shop!  Crazy BumbleBee Polos.

Well, Lord, here I am.  Open to Your suggestions and grateful for some time at home to catch up on a list as long as my arm and as deep as the month of October.

Pretty quiet on the hobby farm right now.

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