Two cute things to share today.  Both ideas came from Hometalk.com

Kristen needed a Buddy Basket to take to Regionals to give to one of her team mates. Being the creative (and penny pinching) girl that I am, I thought, “Ah ha! I’ll make a container!”  So, out came the empty hamburger box, the roll of jute and the glue gun.  Oh, boy, oh, boy!  Hours of gluing later and a countless number of glue sticks consumed (and fingers burned) I had succeeded.


Kristen’s friend likes zebra print, so we bought some fabric to make the liner – I’m TERRIBLE at making a good box liner.  All of the tutorials make it seem so easy, but it was HARD! We filled the box with L’s favorite things like food and Dr. Pepper and a cute flowered headband I found on clearance at the fabric store and away we went.  She loved it!  My fingers took a week to recover.


I thought this idea was so cute when I saw it and it goes with the floral/romantic theme I’m trying to put together in my half bath.

Bathroom Organization Using Repurposed Items:

So, I pulled together my supplies:


Empty oatmeal canister, roll of shelf liner and vase from the dollar store and the colored pencils Karra gave me for Christmas.  And I colored the flowers.


Kristen said it looked like it was meant for the roses to be pink.  And then I had to put it all together – oh, boy.


I have since added black washi tape around the top and bottom, but didn’t take another picture.  I think the tape finishes it nicely.  Now, to paint the bathroom and do something with that floor……

And That’s What I Did Myself Successfully! on the Hobby Farm.

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