DIMS Day – The Pantry Door

Well, here it is. The pantry door makeover. Well, here’s the INSIDE makeover – I still haven’t finished the outside redo. Shall we say Kristen has more spare time than I do? Or maybe she was just more motivated.

Here is the door before any of the painting got started.


You can see the hinges from when it was a bi-fold door and the braces that Joel added to give it strength as a single door.  What you can’t see is the disaster in caulk that he used to “fill in the gaps and seal the braces and hinges”.

So, I painted over that with the paint that we had bought for the duck hut that never materialized (never fear they are still on the future plan).


I really, really like the color and am thinking I’ll have my friend, H, “practice” on my kitchen cupboards with that color – way down the road in the future plan!  Anyway, I’m so pleased with the interior background painting.  You can barely see the hinges and braces though in person the caulk mess is still obvious but no longer obnoxious.

And then I let Kristen loose with her paint pallet and the sketch we had imagined (that we changed in mid painting and are so, SO happy with!!  Without any further wordiness from me here is the new interior of my pantry door.  I smile every time I look at it!!





I just LOVE all of the bumble bees.  They look so happy.  The daisies were an on they fly addition and they really make the picture come together.  I’m trying to convince Kristen to do something with her art when she goes to college.  She’s trying to convince me that she should paint the back of every door in the house!

Now all that’s left of the pantry makeover is my job on the front.  Maybe by the end of September??

And that’s the latest Did It Myself (Ourselves) Successes.

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