College Visit

It wouldn’t be a college visit unless we got lost – but I had the new van with the Navi System so it didn’t matter!!!  And I’ve named the Navi System “Miss Flanagan” because every time she gave a directive I said “yes, ma’am”, but the sing-song in my head wanted to add something.  So, when I finally identified the sing-song as coming from Annie I had to name her Miss Flanagan.

We had a great time, liked the campus (the Rec Center almost lives up to the one at UC), and when we talked to the  department people Karra’s face lit up and she got excited.  Yes!  That’s what I want to do!!  So, we’ve decided to revisit UC to look at the their program in that field.

And the getting lost department?  Such tiny wrong turns we could have corrected them all by ourselves with out Miss Flanagan’s help. 🙂

Sadly, we couldn’t do our traditional stop at Sonic for burgers & shakes.  There are no Sonic drive-ins in NE Ohio!!! WAH!!  So, we ate at Cracker Barrel.  Karra had grilled rainbow trout and I had spicy grilled catfish.  We had steak fries and I had fried okra & Karra had healthy fruit.  And then we had apple dumpling ala mode with carmel pecan sauce. OH MY WORD!  We ate ourselves silly – and it was sooooo good!!!!  The nice gentleman at the next table tried to steal a bite (something my Dad would so do) and his wife had to chastise him.  I just laughed.  He was impressed that we demolished that dessert.  I HIGHLY recommend it – even after fish, fries & fried okra.  So, we walked around and looked at the gift shop for about 10 minutes then headed home.

5 minutes down the road – “Oh, this is bad.”

“What?  Are you sick?”

“I have to go the bathroom!!”

“Why didn’t you go before we left?  We walked around for 10 minutes and I used the restroom again.”

“I didn’t have to go.  I went before dessert.  Oh, this is bad!”

“I wonder where all of those potholes are we passed on the way up.”

“NO!  DON’T.  I’ll explode like the Indian Ocean!”

So, she tries to distract herself reading the information we gathered at the university visit and she’s reading the summer rec center information and you can rent kayaks and equipment for the weekend.  Hey, when the cousins come next week and we go kiyakaking  – and off we go into gales of laughter that didn’t help the girl with the Indian Ocean in her bladder.  Hehehehe.  And then we got stuck in 15 miles of construction that slowed us down and made it even worse and we’re coming up on our exit and she starts begging, “Mommy, please, please, stop!”  Feigning reluctance I turn off and pull into the BP station which she recognizes as a drop off point to meet the church van on it’s way to Elkhart.  I told her it was on the way so it was no big deal.  I Am So Awful!!!!

I have really enjoyed our visits to different colleges and the bonding time with my oldest child.  We don’t necessarily bond over food, but today was extremely enjoyable.  We’ve had such good laughs and been able to really talk about things we wouldn’t talk about at home.  She really is a level headed kid and she’s going to do very well at college.

And That was a Homeschool Adventure off the Hobby Farm.

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