We Moved the Babies!

Finally, the baby chicks are out of the garage – and took their smell smells with them!  Here they are in their brand new chicken coop in the new barn.


Oh, they have so much room now!  Once they had all of that room to run around you could really see their little personalities blooming.  We have one Ameracuana that looks like an eaglet (Loreal because as a baby she had black eyeliner) and she’s a bit of bossy fuss budget.  We also have a little Buckeye that’s quite fiesty – what do you expect?  She’s a Buckeye.  For the most part they are pretty sweet little chicks.  I’m looking forward to getting a Black Silkie rooster to father the flock.

Of course the lows were in the 50s last night so I had to go out early to make sure the babies were okay. 🙂  They haven’t completely feathered out yet, but they did just fine.  I forgot to open the window after church and it got quite warm in there this afternoon.  And the flies!!  I can’t believe the flies that congregate in the new coop.  I’m suspecting it’s the glass and how warm and toasty it gets in there that is attracting those nasties.  I think it’s about time to dig up the home made fly strip recipe I have somewhere and get those made up.  I’d love to see them work!

I bought 12 bags of shavings to put in the coop over the dirt floor, but only used 5 of them.  As the girls get bigger and the shavings settle we’ll be adding the rest.  I’d like to have it 6-8″ deep by winter time.

Hopefully this week I’ll start posting the barn building pictures.  They go clear back to 2007 or 2008 when the poles went into the ground.  I have some pictures that were taken with the camera date not set.  I have pictures of Kurt & Kristen labeled 1998 – before either of them was born!!!

And That’s What’s Happening on the Hobby Farm


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